How can you NOT LOVE LESTER!!!

By quikticks
Written May 09, 2008
After watching this, I knew what I didn't want to be and what I DID want to be just watching the life of 1 guy! Kevin Spacey is the bomb! He can play any character! He proved it in this movie. I love Annette Bening, especially at a motel with her legs up in the air! It should be illegal for hot women to play "underage" females in movies. You have to admit! Lester was the man for resisting that, even if it was in the script! And how many times have you lived by some dude that you just had a since that he was well, "hiding the truth" even from himself? Dudes, if you're gay, it's OK! Back to the movie, if you want a movie that's gonna really make you think about your life and how lucky you are, OR make you see what changes YOU need to make, this IS the movie!!!
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Fun movie!

By dvonballmoos
Written December 27, 2011
An interesting film.
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Academy Award Winning

By jrubio23
Written March 07, 2008
i thought this movie was excellent. very good story line. lots of twists.
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Great movie!

By khantessa
Written June 03, 2008
Mendez is a genius. Cinematography was devine. See this movie with a dysfunctional family member!
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good movie, maybe not for everyone

By Unyun
Written June 15, 2008
Personally I really liked American Beauty. It was a dark exploration of how a suburban mid-life crisis can shake up a family and neighborhood as well. I think Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job with the role and I really felt connected to him. Wasn't a psycho or anything just wanted more out of life at the wrong time and went about it in all the wrong ways. If you like to think about movies or like movies that don't really follow a linear path then this will be great for you. But if you're expecting something straight-forward and too the point then don't bother. Not that you wouldn't get it but you just wouldn't want to get it. But overall great movie with a great cast and solid story that anyone can claw at least a piece of themselves out of.
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