By bugsytoo
Written November 02, 2009
Just and ok movie..It could have been a great movie..Walked out feeling like something was missing..
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Love True Stories ... Historical

By lisattrend
Written October 24, 2009
This movie, being a true story .... I already knew the ending. The movie was done well, Swank and Gere were great. I think anyone who likes True story movies will love it. The movie is done without bad language and sexual scenes, so bringing older children is great. Definitely glad I spent the $10.50 for the movie ticket (while some movies are best rented at home). I love the touches of old/black and white photos and footage. It made the movie really put you back in the times of Amelia's travels. Loved seeing Eleanor Roosevelt in it too :)
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Amelia better than critics say

By SeniorViewer
Written October 30, 2009
Without the Hollywood glitz, Amelia depicts the passion for flying, the risks involved, and the prejudice towards women experiencing "men's" careers realistically and carefully. The acting was excellent by both Gere and Swank and the tempo was just right. Definitely a must see for those who remember the early days of flying and those who are history buffs.
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Five Word Review

By flynbuy
Written October 23, 2009
Inspiring Adventure Classy Historical Beautiful
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By gasargent
Written November 01, 2009
The film is not just about Amelia, it’s about a person's dreams, desires, and determination. Amelia lectures and speaks out for women's rights, advocating for them to follow their dreams, or just living their life on their terms. She doesn't want to be tied down or restricted. Parts of the film are a bit slow and repetitive, but overall this was a nice film about someone who just wants is to fly, Amelia shouldn't be forgotten. It's a good story with great acting, characters and is very pleasing to watch. Enjoy
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