Wrost movie I've seen!

By TheCritic13
Written November 25, 2009
The movie was aweful! They did not develop Ameila's charactor and I think she was portrade all wrong! The acting was bad and the plot was too! I hated it!
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By DCMoore325
Written November 02, 2009
Enjoyed the cinematography and the acting. Storyline was a little slow at first but enjoyed watching and knowing more about Amelia's career and the relationship with her husband. Thought the movie could have been edited better. Overall, we enjoyed it. It was a nice story. Of course, the ending was sad but we can't change that!
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By sand1124
Written November 05, 2009
Left before it was over it was so bad
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Inspiring pioneer of early aviation

By jaxdaugherty
Written October 24, 2009
This movies will not appeal to those who crave the blood lust so commen in todays movies. For those who are interested in a story of a true to life pioneer willing to risk it all, dialogue without gratuitous profanity, costumes and scenery that transports you to another time and place, then this movie is for you. Hilary Swank and Richard Gere get high marks for thier perfomances. The cinematography was filled with exotic landscapes and wide vistas of far away lands. Even the original films and photos added to the experiance.
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By salisbury
Written October 25, 2009
This was a wonderful movie. I enjoyed learning more about this legendary woman. Authentic scenery, costumes and synopsis of her life and work. There was no lull in the action and it held my interest even though I knew the ending. It was very well done!!! I give it an A! Don't miss seeing it...
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