57 year old woman waits 2 1/2 hour in line to get good seats!

By nj_susieq
Written November 19, 2011
I loved the movie. The scenery was gorgeous and the wedding was awesome. I had trouble understanding the ending. I asked a woman coming out of the movie, if she understood it. She said "yes, you have to read the book." I told her that I had not read the book and probably would not read it. She said "then I guess you will have to figure it out." I was engrossed with the whole story and the characters. See it!!!!
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Breaking Dawn Part 1

By lolaraine
Written November 19, 2011
I was thoroughly surprised by how much I liked this movie. I am a huge fan of the books. I am a book lover at heart, so I tend to be critical of the movies that stem from the books I have read. The first three movies were OK, but this one was so much better. It held alot of what I loved about the books, and was much better acted out by the actors that play the charachters.
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Great to see it 4 hours before the release!! Good movie too.

By maggie_rose_6
Written November 21, 2011
I loved seeing the movie before the official release time. It was great seeing the looks on all the diehard fans faces when we walked out of the theater talking about how good the movie was. The special effects were pretty realistic, and the acting was not as bad as I anticipated (except for Bella, of course). Anyway, it was a great addition to the Twilight Saga. Go see it if you're a fan of the books.
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By arlo1980
Written November 18, 2011
I saw this at an early showing! Breaking Dawn is intense, suspenseful and heartbreaking. The physical transformation that Bella goes through is tough to watch. I like that we see more of Rosalee's character in this film but really there is just too much book to fit into a two hour movie. It easily could have been 4 hours just to cover this portion of the book. Twilight Fans you will not be disappointed!
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Breaking Dawn Part 1

By Movie Mammma
Written November 18, 2011
You Must Go and See This movie!!!! It Has Something For Everyone, from the wedding to the honeymoon to the pregnancy and finally the birth. I cried my eyes out in the wedding scene.I loved it.MUST GO !!!!
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