AMC Stubs Special Event Synopsis
AMC Stubs members, you are invited to an advanced showing of a very special movie release on Thursday, November 17 at 8PM at select AMC theatres.

Movie Reviews

57 year old woman waits 2 1/2 hour in line to get good seats!

By nj_susieq
I loved the movie. The scenery was gorgeous and the wedding was awesome. I had trouble understanding the ending. I asked a woman coming out of the movie, if she understood it. She said "yes, you...

Breaking Dawn Part 1

By lolaraine
I was thoroughly surprised by how much I liked this movie. I am a huge fan of the books. I am a book lover at heart, so I tend to be critical of the movies that stem from the books I have read. ...

Great to see it 4 hours before the release!! Good movie too.

By maggie_rose_6
I loved seeing the movie before the official release time. It was great seeing the looks on all the diehard fans faces when we walked out of the theater talking about how good the movie was. The...


By arlo1980
I saw this at an early showing! Breaking Dawn is intense, suspenseful and heartbreaking. The physical transformation that Bella goes through is tough to watch. I like that we see more of Rosalee's...

Breaking Dawn Part 1

By Movie Mammma
You Must Go and See This movie!!!! It Has Something For Everyone, from the wedding to the honeymoon to the pregnancy and finally the birth. I cried my eyes out in the wedding scene.I loved it.MUST GO...

Breaking Dawn

By AJCruz1015
It was an amazing movie. It was pretty close to the book. However some fans whom have not read the book might lose some of the inside jokes that are thrown in the movie. And you have to stay ALL...

Twilight - Breaking Dawn

By tadahaight
I must say, going to a preview showing adds some excitement to this movie. The special effects and makeup on Bella are amazing. The story did not dissappoint. Some of the wolf scenes were a bit...

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

By Suzy Q Stern
If you've read the books and seen the earlier movies, it's a given you're going to Breaking Dawn. This movie was pretty much as I expected, I have a feeling that Part I and Part II could have been...

Def a must do!

By vdacruz
I loved being able to watch the event before midnight. It was an awesome experience and will definitely do it again!...

It was a blast...laughed through the whole thing

By syllly
While the movie took special care to explore the emotional journeys of love, marriage, intimacy, new life, death, and transformation...these good intentions were unrealized by the script, the music,...

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