Amazing Grace

By jkirk12345
Written April 26, 2007
I went to this movie feeling like I was dragged there by my wife. I left it feeling inspired and educated. I had not read the reviews or seen any previews andI thought the movie was about the life of John Newton, the author of "Amazing Grace". I was surprised to find out that it was about the life of William Wilberforce and the British abolitionist movement. The movie was full of depth of character and endearing humanity. It impressed upon the viewers the severity of the condition on slave ships without being too visually gruesome (an all to real possibility considering the reality of the voyage for the slaves). All in all, it is an inspiring movie about perserverance in the face of political adversity with a subtext of the role of nationalism and greed in politics. Enjoy the show!
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Excellent Film!

By pebbles2489
Written May 07, 2007
Really powerful and moving. Well made and clean. Safe for the whole family although younger than middle school age would probably not be interested.
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Great Story!

By cjtolmie
Written January 11, 2008
Well written, scripted and acted for a Disney flick. Thought at times a little too serious, it wasn’t over preachy and over all a very sweet film. Inspiring.
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Moving story, a bit slow in the telling

By lncampbell
Written April 30, 2007
I enjoyed the movie but found the movie a little slow in the pacing. Even if the political struggle to abolish the English slave trade took decades, it should seem as if the movie should take as long to tell the story. Still, the movie is compelling in telling the story of the British slave trade and the people who worked to put it to an end.
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AMazing Grace

By hstindt1
Written July 12, 2007
Good story line - although somewhat misleading in the description - it is not really the history behind the writing of Amazing Grace, but the events surrounding that time period.
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