A Matter of Faith Synopsis
A young Christian woman goes to college and begins to drift away from the faith.

Movie Reviews

Wrong Before It Even Begins

By failerror139
The only people who think that Evolution has anything to do with the origination of life from nonliving matter are scientifically illiterate Creationists. Darwin's book was titled The Origin of...

Indoctrination disguised..

By iZegg
..is STILL indoctrination. As another reviewer stated Evolution is about the origin of SPECIES, NOT the origins of LIFE. Intelligent design is neither intelligent, nor design - it's CREATIONISM,...

(Faith Based film)

By rhorne2
I prefer Ministry Movies as opposed to (Faith based film). If more viewers would prepare their hearts to be ministered to (spirit) instead of entertained (flesh), I believe the outcome would be very...

Evolution tries to explain the origins of life

By waynegautney
Evolution assumes that life began from a supposed 'primordial soup' by accident. However no scientist has ever been able to replicate this on purpose. The fact is that more information NEVER comes...

Response to the few negative critics

By Salsero_for_life
Without seeing the film yet, I already notice the biased attitudes of critics on this forum. Their written statements indicate a hostile attitude toward the possibilities of creationists' paradigms...

As the Movie's Sponsor..

By tbwink2841
Great family movie! It's not often you sit in a movie that gets applause throughout and at the end. As the sponsor who was responsible to bring this movie into our area, I asked many afterwards what...

Response to FailureError139

By jsanchez97
"Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. It is the gradual development...

Good message

By karynragsdale274
Good family movie with a good message. Not a flashy Hollywood type movie but the acting was still good and it does have a couple of well known actors. And bottom line it's all about the truth and I...

Truly a matter of faith

By eskf
A must see. Putting our complete faith in the Gospel or evolution or anything in this matter truly does take faith. My complete faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. But whatever you believe I...

Evolution versus Creationism

By andrew714
This movie does a great job of showing both view points. It also makes a great point. Holding either viewpoint requires faith. It all depends what you want to put your faith in. I put my faith in God...

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Rated PG | For Mild Thematic Elements