I love Jason Lee

By pytljc
Written March 29, 2008
I'm wild about MY NAME IS EARL, but it appears the Mr. Lee can't act with imaginary objects. There are many times in this movie that he just looks akward. It made me feel sorry for DAVE, but not because of the cir***stances in the movie. I love the chipmunks and grew up on them, so the movie was okay ... just okay.
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cant wait!!!!

By surferchick909
Written November 25, 2007
i cant wait to c this movie!!! at first it looked a little stupid but once i saw the trailor, it looks hilarious!!! cant wait to c it!!!!
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Alvin and the Chicpmunks

By kjwilhelmsen
Written December 26, 2007
I thought this movie was a very good for all ages!! My family wants to go back and see it again! I will defently be buying it when it comes out on DVD!!
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If you liked the show, (back in the day) you will Love the movie. This is a MUST see!!

By inflictdamag3
Written December 14, 2007
Cute storyline + Quirky guy + 3 lovable chipmunks = GO!!
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alvin and the chipmunks

By gtsafar
Written February 13, 2008
very good
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