By redevilgurl
Written November 26, 2007
i can't wait. ever since i was little i always watch the shows, they were so adorable XD<<33
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Wonderful and Entertaining

By spideyrocks
Written January 21, 2008
Please do not the critics review stop you from going to see this movie, there were many humorous scenes and all of the kids in the theatre were dying laughing including my 13 year old who thought it was going to be a boring movie. This was a good family movie and all enjoyed.
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Alvin And the Chipmunks

By Carolina4films
Written March 17, 2008
We loved it! I took my 7 yr. old neice and laughed throughout the whole movie. I felt like I was 7yrs old all over again. We want to see more of the Chipmunks maybe bring back the old cartoons.
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Alvin & the Chipmunks

By Brezziek1
Written February 19, 2008
My 5 year old thought this was a great movie, she laughed through the entire show. The chipmunks have good believablity. Although the acting really is for a younger crowd. If you have younger ages in your family it is a perfect movie. If you are out on a date choose something else.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks

By tmoultrie
Written February 11, 2008
It was a very good movie. It was funny and the moral behind was great. Children could really understand what was going on.
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