Alvin and the chipmunks

By meet the lockers
Written March 24, 2008
Entertaining good for the whole family - lots of laughs.
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For children under 7

By kathy658
Written January 17, 2008
cute movie for the little ones. my granddaughter who is 4 loved it. she kept laughing when we left saying that was funny grandma. meanwhile during the movie she sat in my lap with a blanket on her lap wrapped around the both of us and making sure my purse was tucked securely at my side I dosed off throughout the movie. the animation was great but there was no plot to even slightly explain why a grown man would fall in love with chipmunks that could talk, not even to an average 7 yr old. and mind you lots of 7 year olds still believe in Santa. this movie is even lame to them. i know it was for little kids but they could of made it bareable for adults to watch also. i mean had the producers ever seen shrek? flintstone cartoons? etc. at least they can keep an adult's interest. bad bad bad movie.
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alvin and the chipmunks

By flane1306
Written March 21, 2008
My kids and myself went to go see this movie and we all loved this movie. I had no problem with my daughter who has anxiety disorder and we have never been able to finish seeing a movie and this has been the first time. I know this is a movie that I will not hesitate to buy for my kids. My kids laughed alot and I thought it was funny and it reminded me of when I was little and the chipmunks songs came out. I enjoyed it and so did my kids.
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A good, cute movie.

By winona_lmg
Written February 19, 2008
This is a cute movie. People will enjoy this movie especiallt the kids.
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Wonderful and Entertaining

By spideyrocks
Written January 21, 2008
Please do not the critics review stop you from going to see this movie, there were many humorous scenes and all of the kids in the theatre were dying laughing including my 13 year old who thought it was going to be a boring movie. This was a good family movie and all enjoyed.
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