Don't Have Kids? Don't See This Movie

By Bpienkoski
Written March 17, 2008
There are some movies that are ostensibly 'children's ' movies that nonetheless have story elements that can hold the attention of people who are old enough to drive. This isn't one of them. My children were enthralled. My daughter, especially, whose friend has he soundtrack on CD and played it during a sleepover, enjoyed it. But she's ten. And even then, the voices of the Chipmunks are so high and squeaky, that she kept asking me what was said. Which meant that I had to pay attention to the movie more than I really wanted. Don't get me wrong; his is not an awful movie. Which is sort of a pity, because sometimes one can revel in the awfulness of a truly bad flick. This movie had all the appeal of sitting in a dentist's waiting room for an appointment to get your teeth cleaned. It's not something to look forward to, or even dread, but simply one of those things that needs to be done (assuming, of course, that you have teeth. Or kids) Wait for cable. And avoid it there, too.
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cant wait!!!!

By surferchick909
Written November 25, 2007
i cant wait to c this movie!!! at first it looked a little stupid but once i saw the trailor, it looks hilarious!!! cant wait to c it!!!!
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alvin and the chipmunks

By gtsafar
Written February 13, 2008
very good
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If you liked the show, (back in the day) you will Love the movie. This is a MUST see!!

By inflictdamag3
Written December 14, 2007
Cute storyline + Quirky guy + 3 lovable chipmunks = GO!!
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Alvin and the Chicpmunks

By kjwilhelmsen
Written December 26, 2007
I thought this movie was a very good for all ages!! My family wants to go back and see it again! I will defently be buying it when it comes out on DVD!!
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