Five Word Review

By reginap122
Written September 18, 2010
boring wait for dvd realease
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Alpha and Omega

By Lilybear101
Written September 22, 2010
This is an outstanding movie for all ages. I went with my 12 year old granddaughter and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a nice story line and quite a bit of humor. There will be a lot of adults that won't like it along with critics. But I feel that is because they can't just watch a movie for the fun and entertainment value it has, but are always wanting it to be something complex and thought provoking. That's okay, but sometimes you just have to let go and watch it for the fun of it.
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By Moovie-Luvr
Written October 15, 2010
My son really enjoyed this movie.. great fun
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alpha and omega

By redtxbear
Written October 16, 2010
It was a basically boring plot. They tried to make it better by 3-D, but still didn't work. My 7 year old seemed to like it kinda but, I don't think either of us laughed through the whole movie. Kinda made me a little nervous in parts of the movie when they talked about " re-populating " and going to " howl " together !! I just knew I was goin to get the " what's that mean Dad " questions !! Not that I wouldn't have explained it, and that's just nature, but I didn't quite think it was the " birds and bees " time for my 7 year old. Whoo !! LOL This was a C - movie at best.
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alpha and omega

By bolt88
Written September 19, 2010
this movie was cute and sumwhat entertaining. worth seeing, but dont waste your money on 3d veiwing! see it in regular format. this movie had really no effort in the 3d effects, and i could tell that this movie was either rushed or just low budget, maybe a lil of both. the graphics pretty much suck! its like watching a video game. plus i really hated how most of the wolves looked butt ugly, im an artist myself iand i could do better than that. but if you can get past all that than go see it. i would like to see this movie again, im a huge wolf fan so i cant help not loving this movie! still though this movie cant beat balto. i honestly think lionsgate shouldve made this movie a traditional animated hand drawn movie instead. anyway its a good movie, so go see it.
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