Inspired by actual events, director Ray Bengston's historical drama Alone Yet Not Alone tells the tragic story of an 18th Century German family who flees their homeland to escape religious persecution, but finds nothing but misery and suffering after following God's promise to the New World. Denied the freedom to worship in their beloved Germany, the deeply-religious Leininger family ventures to America in search of a better life. Though tensions in the New World run high as French and British forces clash over control of the plentiful resources there, the Leininger's labor hard and long to establish a comfortable homestead in picturesque Penns Creek. Just when this peace-seeking family thinks they have seen the worst, however, Delaware raiders launch a vicious attack on them, abducting the youngest daughters and forcefully integrating them into Native American life. Helpless and alone as they struggle to summon the courage to survive, the terrified young girls fall back on their faith -- the one thing that can never be taken from them. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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