Alone Yet Not Alone Synopsis
The inspiring true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger and their journey of faith and survival during the French and Indian war in 1755.
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Alone Yet Not Alone

By littlebearwheeler
I must admit it is hard to be objective when I personally know some of the actors in the film. However as a historian, I like period pieces that are historically accurate and give the public a...


By KAS143

About time

By bkham84
This movie was such a nice diversion from the usual violent, sexual innuendos, and profanity filled nonsense that I've grown accustomed too at the theaters. .The fact that is was a true account of...

By patej4
I read the book several years ago and I've been looking forward to this movie for a long time!! It was so nice to see a good clean movie with no bad language, no kissing etc! I thought they did a...

Alone yet Not Alone

By sanran3
We thought the movie--action, scenery, directing, the acting, everything about it--was very well done. We really enjoyed it and highly recommend it perhaps for kids from the age of 8 on up. I also...

Stand up or lose our Country to the heathens

By gag3
I really liked the connection to our heritage as a God fearing and Christian country founded by those who risked all they had to come here. A must see for any American concerned about our Republic...

Alone, Yet Not Alone

By jeanne825
It was fabulous! I can't quit thinking about the story....

Really want to see it

By KayseyKritter
As a 7th great grand-daughter of Barbara Leininger, I'm looking forward to watching this movie...

By tfraumann
A really good movie that accurately portrays the type of faith in Jesus Christ that allows us to navigate the really difficult, hard to understand elements of life....

Well done.

By Cat_Magnet
Loved it. The story was well-written and well-filmed. The characters and action were believable. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting (which usually stinks in "faith-promoting" pictures). Good job...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence and war themes