All Work All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory Live Synopsis
Experience pro-gaming like never before with this exhilarating LIVE eSports cinema event featuring an exclusive panel discussion and an All-Star showdown out of the ESL studios in Burbank, CA.

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By ewiggins39
I knew nothing about the world of eSports before this film. It did a fantastic job of explaining and allowing you to experience the excitement! I see why it's growing in popularity! Great story....

Very Rewarding

By Floyds
As a gamer, I felt this movie was an overview on how this is truly seen as by the rest of the world, how we (gamers) live it, and how esports is going to grow....

Not what i expected

By mastermind5053
I was expecting Live broadcast of gaming. League of Legends game. Instead it was more of a documentary, behind the scenes look of the gaming world. Was entertaining though....

Inside eSports

By jdhodso
It was great to follow the history of League of a Legends and how big it has become. It's a documentary on eSports that newbies and veterans will enjoy....

An entertaining e-sports documentary!

By TooCoolDave
Insightful and inspiring....

All Work All Play: The Pursuit of ESports Glory Live

By vsclayton
This was a great documentary! Anyone who has any doubts about computer gaming being a real sport/profession needs to see this. There is a lot of information about the gamers as well as the games. ...

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Rated PG-13