All Together Now Synopsis
The Beatles and Cirque du Soleil work on a stage production.
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Movie Reviews

all together now

By backalli
totally awesome...

Enjoyable Memories

By elizabethayork
Watching, "All Together Now," brought back the excitement and joy of the Las Vegas show itself. It was great to see the making and watch Paul and Ringo viewing the show....

pretty good I say

By imton1151
I liked the concept and it turned into a great show. too bad we did not see more of the show but worth seing for sure....

Can never get enough of the Beatles!

By crawdad777
Even after almost 40 years since their breakup, The Beatles, whose music and song-writing talent eclipses all others, well deserve to stay in the public eye. Their music is timeless.... can't wait to...

A Great Movie!

By cool888guy
Any Beatles fan will absolutely love this movie. It is absolutely great. It really pays tribute to the Beatles' music. Even people who are not neccessarily Beatles fans should enjoy this movie....

All Together Now

By BetsyL
Excellent! Well done....