Boston Globe

By Jay Carr
Cruise is believable as an athlete; and the cocky bravado he emits to impress his girlfriend (played with matching complexity and maturity by Lea Thompson) has a fetching sense of lift, too. But his vulnerability is what's most refreshing and ingratiating about Cruise's Stef. [05 Nov 1983]
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Jay Scott
A surprisingly large portion of the picture is given over to a gritty and unexpectedly moving examination of a senseless but understandable feud between two wrongheaded, sincere people making all the wrong moves. [21 Oct 1983]
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
Two people finally tell each other the truth. This is, of course, an astonishing breakthrough in movies about teenagers, and All the Right Moves deserves it.
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The New York Times

By Janet Maslin
A well-made but sugar-coated working-class fable about a football star.
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By Richard Corliss
This naive little movie hopes to prove itself the Flashdance of football.
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There is a tender resonance in its cheesy sports drama operating with all the obvious moves.
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TV Guide

This cliche-riddled picture was the directorial debut of veteran cinematographer Michael Chapman, who took no risks in his first time out.
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62 out of 100
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