The REAL All the King's Men.

By Moviedude
Written September 08, 2007
^^^^ last year's bloated remake,this movie is the real deal.The 1949 original All the King's Men is the best film about politics ever made.Just because it's about politics,don't think it's boring.It's a highly addictive film,very fast pace,it moves like lightning,it feels like it's over in 10 minutes,strong writing,and sensational acting by the whole cast make this movie a true classic.Broderick Crawford is absolutely spellbinding in his Oscar-winning turn as Willie Stark,an ordinary guy who rises to power in the government.John Derek is also good as a reporter who becomes one of his main men.But I thought Mercedes McCambridge,an actress I've never heard of prior to watching this movie,stole the show.She is the tour de-force in this.She steals every scene she's in,even the scenes with Broderick.I can't tell you everything,plus I don't want to spoil anything about this film.The acting will entrance you,and the quick pace will feel like 10 minutes.An absolute MUST-SEE on all levels.
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