All the Boys Need A Better Movie

By jariah92005
Written January 10, 2014
so after 7 years this movie finally gets a release. I was expecting some tricky, interesting horror film but instead I got an amber drenched Scream wannabe. The miscasting is the first thing noticeable. None of these kids are likeable in any way so its hard to care when they start dropping like Beyonce singles. Everyone's self-absorbed and trying way too hard to come off as the leaders of the "cool" crowd. The suppossed ring leader "Hot Guy" looks like he has an eating disorder. The ranch hand makes that kid look like Kesha before her intervention. For some odd reason this popular kid crew hangs out with some nerdy loser who seems to think he's hotter than Mandy Lane because he's got drugs. in the real world this guy couldn't get a handjob from a hobo if he had Cristal. Seriously. Yet he thinks he's got a chance with a number of these blonde stereotypes. Even a brainless blonde has standards. we're talking about high school. Status is everything. Waste of time. Unreal. Badly acted.
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written April 09, 2010
Teen Slasher With A Twist
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