DVD at best

By mlitke
Written October 30, 2011
Bad acting x2. Even the acting on the stage within the stage was pitiful. I was hoping my 15 year old would be amused by the teen/20 something cast, but not in this case.
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An Odd But Fun "What Happens Before Happily Ever After" Movie.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 30, 2011
Christina Ricci seems to make odd movies that either never make money at the box office or are seen by very few people. This film’s not likely an exception. Ricci has a penchant for making these and at the same time most are really good movies, a source of never ending curiosity. Starting as a little girl in the film “Mermaids” with Cher and continuing to this day, if Ricci is in it you can count on two things; an odd but good flick and a box office flop. Too bad for those who miss her work because it's always good, despite what she's given to work with. This is not exactly a bad movie. It seems directed more at older teens to adults, although expect the boys to wiggle and slide around, as it's a little too gooey. Due to certain language and situations, it's inappropriate for younger kids. All-in-all it's goofy but really funny in places. I think it's not worth today’s high adult ticket price but a matinee seat, DVD or stream would be fair. See it. You won’t be disappointed.
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I enjoyed it

By kiegh
Written October 29, 2011
It's probably not for everyone, but I like this kind of movie and it has a great story line to it. You can't pass up Ricci in this film... she's a hottie! :)
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By QA02
Written October 17, 2011
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Wylde Steals It

By brucethrillis
Written November 02, 2011
This is a decent romantic comedy that is elevated into an underground classic by the outrageous performance by Chris Wylde as the villain. I was howling at his over the top scenery chewing and outstanding commitment to a character. Worth the price of admission alone for the scene in his tent where he's getting his hair brushed. You know too much! Just see it!!!
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