Village Voice

By Amy Taubin
A smart, sweet, and altogether smashing evocation of teenage girlhood.
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Christian Science Monitor

By David Sterritt
Lively acting and good-natured feminism lift this lightweight comedy a notch above the norm.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
Under the candy coating and girl group soundtrack, the film acknowledges some hard truths about women and education that haven't changed much since the '60s. But it never loses sight of having a good time, and the girls are great.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
A knock-kneed but likable just-for-girls drama set in 1963 that promotes single-sex institutions as the best breeding ground for future female senators and filmmakers.
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The New York Times

Surprisingly pleasant, thanks to smart, unstereotyped performances.
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New York Post

By Jonathan Foreman
You have to sit through 90 minutes that feel like three hours.
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60 out of 100
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