All is Lost

By rantaggart
Written November 18, 2013
Marginal, if you are a sailor you will want to pick it a part. In high seas on deck without life preserver nor jack lines. Stupid.
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Narcissistic drudge

By happycamper690
Written December 03, 2013
This is clearly Robert Redford trying to feel a little good about himself and the results are just a couple of hours of narcissistic drudge. It feels heavy, self-serving and each turn is very predictable. It would have been so much better if he actually drowned.
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All is Lost

By mdherrington
Written November 21, 2013
All is lost? You got that right! I lost $7.50 and about 2 hours of my life watching this thing. Absolutely no dialog or the reason he was even out there. I don't know what movie the critics were watching. All I can say is WOW! I'm being kind with a so-so rating.
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One Actor ---but many messages

By funk2
Written November 16, 2013
The pre-movie attraction is of course Robert Redford and the novelty of one person doing all the action---and minimal dialogue. But the post-movie message is even more interesting. Is it a commentary on modern society---that we have too much "junk" ---when the Cargo Ship goes by, it is hard not to think of the comparisons between the life raft and "stuff". Or, is a story of the spirit of the human struggle to survive in the midst of adversity. Is "Our Man" really "Us"? The day after the movie, I asked two questions--- when we face death, do we turn to God---Our Man didn't, so has a new narrative about God and death begun in our culture? Or, is "All Is Lost" actually built on the Christian suffering-death-resurrection cycle. The "death" was real; the single hand, a resurrection.. For me one of the most startling aspect of the movie was the number of people in the credits at the end of the movie---it took over more than 500 people to produce one man's story
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All is Lost

By Livngood
Written November 18, 2013
As a boat owner and long distance sailor myself, I found this movie to be very realistic. Robert Redford does a fantastic acting job with so little dialogue to flesh out the circumstances.
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