All Is Lost!

By bmcengland
Written December 27, 2013
Can anyone explain the following: *How can a steel container with its doors open, float 3ft out of the water? * How can a boat moving at very slow speed be so weak as to suffer such a big hole? *Why does our sailor not start the engine and pumps as a first priority? *Why he then not shift weigh in the boat ( using the boom etc) to lean the boat away so water does not enter the hole? *Why does he not use the sails and wind to do the same- immediately he is free? *Why does he go back and smash into the container just to save a sea anchor? * Why would an ocean going sailor venture far from the coast in such a poorly maintained vessel? ( radio arial corroded etc) The questions go on … The production team clearly has little experience and understanding of the sea, beyond that needed on a sunny saturday afternoon sail in the bay. A very annoying film which would have been much improved with an attempt at portraying the sea and sailing as it really is.
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HUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

By kleinaug
Written November 10, 2013
I've never been to a movie where there was only one actor and I could have done his lines. I don't think Redford said more than ten words throughout the movie. One hour and 40 minutes watching someone deal with life threatening situations. Cody Lundeen, where were you? I've always liked Redford, but I'm totally baffled why he would do such a film. At the very least a film should be entertaining, and this was not.
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By crafkin
Written August 30, 2015
Even though there is little dialogue, the film is very engrossing. I was caught up in Redford's efforts to survive through the downward spiral of one disaster after another. His performance is Oscar worthy. The vastness of the ocean is a pretty scary thing! I wasn't bored at all. In response to one reviewer's comment, this wasn't like GRAVITY at all. This could really happen!
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All is (not) LOST!!!!

By thomasmartinet
Written November 04, 2013
I saw the movie "All is Lost" with Robert Redford last night. How can a movie with just ONE actor (and maybe 12 or 15 mumbled words of dialogue) keep me on the edge of my seat for 1 3/4 hours??? (can anyone say OSCAR?)
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All is DEFINITELY lost!

By Russell Gallagher
Written November 27, 2013
This is the worst movie ever! It is a shame that a great actor like Robert Redford would agree to a stinker list this one! There are a number of nautical inconsistencies. One major one is that Redford's sailboat is hit by a shipping container that apparently fell off a container ship in the shipping lanes and drifted south; however, when Redford abandons ship, his life raft drifts north. The writers, directors, and producers should be ashamed of themselves for taking any money for this bomb. Don't waste your money; don't even rent it from Redbox!
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