It Was Alright

By cinema cowboy
Written November 09, 2013
I liked it. I'm a Robert Redford fan is why I liked it even more but the only thing is that there's no talking in the movie it's just this guy that's lost at sea, frustrated and sad. The cinematography was good as well as the scenery in the Indian ocean. Go see it.
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Watchable, but strange

By portugal4239
Written October 04, 2015
I believe this was definitely a thoughtful movie, worth seeing, but it's hard to express the feeling we had when it was over -- I did feel like I was experiencing this with him, so in that way it's worth seeing. Robert Redford gave a great performance. My husband did not care for it, however!
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All Is Lost.

By dc8857
Written November 27, 2013
Stellar performance by Robert Redford. Even if he's silent though out the film - except one he screams out, "F**K!".He's at his best by his expression on his face. Face with his boat sunk in middle of the Indian Ocean, in his life raft, survived two storms and tired, frustrated, experienced, and more stressed out the deeper he goes into the abyss. My wife and I felt his pain and anguish. Until, he succumbs to enviable - his own death. I won't give away ending. But what a film!
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All Is Lost

By petescot99
Written March 27, 2015
Long way to go for an hour and a half. Redford was good but there is certainly no detail as to how he came to be sailing where he was or anything about him. Ending was predictable. Good lesson in the will to survive.
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All is Lost

Written November 04, 2013
While sometimes gripping, the film's lack of information about the Redford character left the 4 of us wondering why we should especially care about his fate. There is a very cryptic note we hear him preparing at the start of the movie, but no insight given thereafter as to who he was, why he was there, what he felt, what he thought, etc. Redford is a deserved icon and hero of the film industry, but his talent and the terrific cinematography ultimately are wasted by the lack of context. The enigmatic ending could be taken as real, imagined or an allegory, but by that point none of us really cared.
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