all is lost

By nycguy
Written November 03, 2013
Does not reach the shore!! Great acting.. best yet for Redford. And mostly a courageous decisions by the director. BUT; After all that intriguing silence.. the music ANNOUNCES the emotion taking place on the screen. And just a few 'breaks' in the 'established reality'.. the life raft would have had a beacon. HE probably on such a voyage would have had one on his ankle or at least on foul weather gear.. How did he keep THE SAME eyeglasses...which appear after numerous chaotic events.. and had produced real anxiety as to how he would handle the sextant and charts without them... but again.. great acting and great concept.. all dissipated by ending...
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Not Convincing, poorly told.

By rookiebear
Written October 28, 2013
I love Mr. Redford, I really do, and I really wanted to love this movie, but I couldn't. If you want to sit in a movie theatre for two hours watching someone get wet from waves, falling in the ocean, and wading though a sinking boat to do various things, some of which were not interesting, nor do they make sense (RR shaving??). Suspense was awkwardly wrought when sharks were circling the life raft - note to everyone who does not live near an ocean- sharks do not jump into boats or rafts to look for food, there is lots of game in the actual ocean. Too bad real story telling was lost by the abandonment of words, or images from RR's mind! Boy the director could have used a tutorial from 'Gravity' to know how self reflection in the face of death looks when it is meaningful. We left wishing we cared more that RR suffered thirst and hunger, was hit on the head when he was tossed around in a storm, lost his boat, and hope of rescue. I sad waste of time and money making this movie.
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All Is Lost including your time and money !

By brhinehart
Written November 12, 2013
All is Lost is boring . It is waste of your time and money. I love Robert Redford but he is not believable in this movie. He seems ill prepared for what I would think would be potential disasters. Don't even rent this movie unless you have insomnia.
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It Was Alright

By cinema cowboy
Written November 09, 2013
I liked it. I'm a Robert Redford fan is why I liked it even more but the only thing is that there's no talking in the movie it's just this guy that's lost at sea, frustrated and sad. The cinematography was good as well as the scenery in the Indian ocean. Go see it.
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By koelle58
Written December 23, 2014
I went to this movie with sailors and they found the character completely unprepared to be that far off shore. It was difficult to warm up to the character and I think Robert Redford needs someone to play off of. Solo's not his best platform. I think it's a renter.
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