This movie is slow, boring and not worth the money

By harddisk8
Written November 14, 2013
At no point did Redford's one man show offer any excitement. If you want to know how to repair your sailboat due to an accident this movie reveals its only asset. The oh so phony violent storm that dominated much of the film, was just that. The very large ship that does not see him is of course, no surprise. The brief encounter with sharks does even begin before it ends. There are so many other lost at seas stories that are potential great movies. Save your money and don't go.
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Interest was LOST half way through - could have used Wilson

By cremoatthemovies
Written October 28, 2013
After reading all the critics hype about All Is Lost I was expecting something as captivating and intense as Castaway. For the vast majority of that movie it was just Tom Hanks and a basketball named Wilson. Maybe it was the dialog with Wilson that drew you in, maybe it was being able to get to "know" the character Tom Hanks portrayed as a person, maybe it was the harrowing shark or storm scenes where you really felt on the edge of your seat. Maybe it was because you felt this guy had survived against all odds for years on a nameless island in the middle of nowhere and still did not give up his fight to return to his home. Maybe it is a combination of all of that but all I can tell you is that All Is Lost left me flat. You never got to know the character, and it just seemed like a repetition of scenes too much like the next. Redford's acting was great, but the story simply got boring because there wasn't any great moment(s) where you wanted to cheer or jump out of your seat.
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Wanna buy a boat?

By everyweek60706
Written May 23, 2015
It often feels like a very well made commercial for highend boating. Robert Redford is great of course and did quite a few of the stunts. He even lost some hearing in one ear as a result. Except for just one word and the obvious nature of the story it should be a good movie for kids interested in sailing and other adventures. So where are the pirates when you need them? Look out your window Captain Phillips! Makes Gravity look like a walk in space.
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All is Lost

By wadechurch
Written November 11, 2013
Does Robert Redford provide a great performance, Yes. Does the movie have enough technical flaws to offset that performance, Yes. The story line was poor; where did this guy come from, how and why was he solo sailing in the Indian Ocean, who was he writing the message to???? Additionally, the inaccuracies regarding the boat, the celestial navigation and the total lack of common seamanship exhibited by "Our Man" made the movie a disappointment. Good photography, but a poor story. Redford does his best to salvage the movie, but still only a so so.
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Worth seeing.

By prosjg
Written December 18, 2014
This was an ok film. Nothing too great. The acting was excellent and the story line preditable. However, without Robert Redford, this would not have been a film we would jump to see.
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