All is Lost, my time spent watching this film...

By shamrockelvis
Written November 16, 2013
I have a pretty vivid imagination, but I go to the movies to see a story. Everything you need to know about this story is in the previews, a man is on a yacht, the yacht sinks. The end. No character motivation as to why he was sailing alone, was he divorced? Was he a widow? Was he a convict? Well if you liked the choose your own adventure books, you'll love this one, except you'll have to figure it all out in your head. Robert Redford is Robert Redford, an icon, but this film had too few details for me. To me the "artistic" way of not telling a story to tell a story is a cop out and over done. Save your money and get this one at Redbox. Oh and get a book to read while you're watching.
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Almost qualifies as a silent movie

By 140bytemoviereview
Written December 15, 2013
Maybe 'The Artist' had something to do with the minimal dialog in this film. OK, maybe not; after all, it is Robert Redford alone in the Indian Ocean on a sinking sailboat. The storyline is minimal. Redford's boat strikes a wayward shipping container and slowly begins to sink. Over the course of eight days, he has to push his ingenuity to its limits to survive. Storms, waves, fires, missed chances... Redford must reflect this in his character without any dialog (except for a single, howled curse word that would be funny if it weren't so desperate). He's already got a Golden Globe nomination for best actor for this work, and while he may not get that or an Oscar, it is still a performance worth watching. I give it ****. @140bytemoviereview
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Rob is not a sailor

By lemycooks
Written November 17, 2013
If you are a real sailor this movie will make you nuts. The lack of seamanship that this movie portrays is ridiculous. No EPIRB??. hello!? I would have expected a little more technical expertise from Mr. Redford as he has always done a great job in previous flix. I get the whole no talking thing but not knowing anything about the sailor (not even his name!) makes me not care about him. Even my 13 yo daughter said there should have at least been some narration. He could have at least talked to himself a little, I know when I am alone for awhile I do that! Great concept but I think they were going for the whole Castaway thing but just having old Sundance doing a lot of grimacing and sleeping and SHAVING didn't get it done.
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All is Lost - Identify with the character!

By NotTooSerious
Written November 03, 2013
Definitely worthy your time! The secret of enjoying this movie is to put yourself in RedFord's shoes. Try to believe this is happening to you. Redford makes that easy, and deserves the nomination, even though at times I wanted him to loose control more, but then that is all part of it. Go see.
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Boring and disappointing

By phewl72029
Written December 17, 2013
While I love and admire Robert Redford, this movie was a real disappointment. He's the only actor in the movie, and probably said less than 5 lines in total. The writers fail to develop his character at all, other than a man struggling with the elements of the sea. It drags on for some time with just disaster after disaster on his sailboat and life raft. Definitely would not recommend it to others.
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