All Is Lost Is A Winner

By MedRed
Written December 06, 2016
Warning: If you are easily bored, steer clear of this movie. There is very little dialogue and it depicts everything Robert Redford does (exciting and Mundane). That being said, All is Lost is a masterfully visualized story. It very much seems like it could be based on a true story. All is Lost is a one man show. Redford's character is very likable and quickly drums up sympathy. The series of events are completely believable for such an experienced and prepared sailor. Redford delivers a fantastic performance. All is Lost balances silence with a minimalist score to really pull you into the movie. This is not something that you can not watch while being the slightest bit distracted. While beautiful and well done, All is Lost won't provoke mush post viewing thought. It's worth watching for how well it's done, but the movie itself is unfortunately forgettable. There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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By Richee
Written February 25, 2017
It's all been said and I agree, ALL IS LOST is an excellent movie performance etc. At first it bugged me a bit not knowing how and why he's out there alone. But then I began to respect the decision(s) not to reveal much about "our man". How would they do it? Flashbacks? naah. I am sure the writer(s) struggled with this, again I respect their decision, it helped focus the movie on the here and now and icon that is redford. I didn't respect their decision on the end, I felt it a cop out. I don't know how to talk about it without spoiling it. But it concerns the question of does he, should he, survive and I disagreed with the choice. Since this is one of the few things that bugged me, the movie stands and should be seen by anyone that appreciates good story and cinema. Those who crave shoot em action special effects should stay away and stick to their usual shlock.
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Terrific Redford performance but...

By KarlaDivine
Written March 31, 2017
We loved this movie; I couldn't wait to buy tickets and go on opening night. As avid sailors we were excited to see how this story unfolded. Redford's performance is surely Oscar worthy. He tells this story without words, and the viewer comes along with him as he sees and takes action on each challenge. The cinematography is also stellar, giving the viewer a heart jumping view of the predicament at hand. Our only criticism is all about the story of a sailor on this journey. The practical facts are that sailors embarking on a crossing like this one would have a ready ditch bag with water, a satellite phone and emergency radio back up in it. We noticed that the only life jacket aboard went down with the boat, and that The Man clearly anticipated a huge squall coming, but while he readied 'below' he didn't unfurl his storm jib and sea anchor, heaving to in preparation. Well, those are sailing details....the movie is a wonderful must see in my opinion.
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All is Lost

By alvinisnyder
Written August 24, 2016
Excellent film. Great acting by Robert Redford. Not the typical Hollywood script. Outstanding photography. Believable movie abut trying to survive when things so wrong. Little dialogue, but events keep you involved. A must see......but clearly not "uplifting. It's testimony on the strength of the human will and attempts to overcome adverse circumstances. The interesting part of this film is it's concentration on the aftermath of a boat accident. No history about the main know nothing about him...that's what give it such focus and intensity. It stays with you
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All is Gained

By blephen
Written October 20, 2013
Straddling two overwrought genres - that of the "survivalist" film and "maritime" genre, the latter in company with literary titans such as Hemingway, Conrad, and of course magnificent Melville - "All Is Lost" manages to navigate both with significance, imagistic clarity, and an eloquence that puts this film alongside them, rather than below. How hard to do: the main pitfalls being the use of allegory and symbol. You cannot ignore them; they are inextricable from these genres. But how to make them original? Chandor suceeds - making man's/woman's search for truth, meaning, and solitude in a seemingly fatalistic and over-inundated world seem all the more relevant. His usage of imagery, symbolism and allegory is not only not ignored, it's done with a subtlety that allows classic mythology speak for itself. Nothing needs to be explained here, and it's not. We KNOW: inherently and historically. The film's great: meaningful, beautiful, haunting, timeless.
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