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Academy Award winner Robert Redford stars in All Is Lost, an open-water thriller about one man's battle for survival against the elements after his sailboat is destroyed at sea.
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All Is Lost Is A Winner

By MedRed
Warning: If you are easily bored, steer clear of this movie. There is very little dialogue and it depicts everything Robert Redford does (exciting and Mundane). That being said, All is Lost is a...


By Richee
It's all been said and I agree, ALL IS LOST is an excellent movie performance etc. At first it bugged me a bit not knowing how and why he's out there alone. But then I began to respect the decision...

Terrific Redford performance but...

By KarlaDivine
We loved this movie; I couldn't wait to buy tickets and go on opening night. As avid sailors we were excited to see how this story unfolded. Redford's performance is surely Oscar worthy. He tells...

All is Lost

By alvinisnyder
Excellent film. Great acting by Robert Redford. Not the typical Hollywood script. Outstanding photography. Believable movie abut trying to survive when things so wrong. Little dialogue, but...

All is Gained

By blephen
Straddling two overwrought genres - that of the "survivalist" film and "maritime" genre, the latter in company with literary titans such as Hemingway, Conrad, and of course magnificent Melville -...

This movie is slow, boring and not worth the money

By harddisk8
At no point did Redford's one man show offer any excitement. If you want to know how to repair your sailboat due to an accident this movie reveals its only asset. The oh so phony violent storm...

Interest was LOST half way through - could have used Wilson

By cremoatthemovies
After reading all the critics hype about All Is Lost I was expecting something as captivating and intense as Castaway. For the vast majority of that movie it was just Tom Hanks and a basketball named...

Wanna buy a boat?

By everyweek60706
It often feels like a very well made commercial for highend boating. Robert Redford is great of course and did quite a few of the stunts. He even lost some hearing in one ear as a result. Except...

All is Lost

By wadechurch
Does Robert Redford provide a great performance, Yes. Does the movie have enough technical flaws to offset that performance, Yes. The story line was poor; where did this guy come from, how and why...

Worth seeing.

By prosjg
This was an ok film. Nothing too great. The acting was excellent and the story line preditable. However, without Robert Redford, this would not have been a film we would jump to see....

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Rated PG-13 | For for brief strong language.
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Common Sense Media says Intense lost-at-sea tale with one actor and little dialogue.
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