Al Lettieri
Date of Birth
Feb 24, 1928
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1977 Lee Strasberg The Godfather Saga
1977 Abe Vigoda The Godfather Saga
1977 Talia Shire The Godfather Saga
1977 Harry Dean Stanton The Godfather Saga
1977 James Caan The Godfather Saga
1977 Diane Keaton The Godfather Saga
1977 Roger Corman The Godfather Saga
1977 Richard Conte The Godfather Saga
1977 Robert Duvall The Godfather Saga
1977 Alex Rocco The Godfather Saga
1977 Robert De Niro The Godfather Saga
1977 Troy Donahue The Godfather Saga
1977 Marlon Brando The Godfather Saga
1977 John Cazale The Godfather Saga
1977 Michael Vincente Gazzo The Godfather Saga
1977 John Marley The Godfather Saga
1977 Al Pacino The Godfather Saga
1977 Sterling Hayden The Godfather Saga
1977 Bruno Kirby The Godfather Saga
1975 Bud Spencer Piedone a Hong Kong
1975 Robert Webber Piedone a Hong Kong
1974 Roger E. Mosley McQ
1974 Julie Adams McQ
1974 Colleen Dewhurst McQ
1974 John Wayne McQ
1974 Chuck Roberson McQ
1974 Eddie Albert McQ
1974 Charles Bronson Mr. Majestyk
1974 Alejandro Rey Mr. Majestyk
1974 Paul Koslo Mr. Majestyk
1973 Robert Forster The Deadly Kiss
1973 Anthony Quinn The Deadly Kiss
1973 Frederic Forrest The Deadly Kiss
1973 Ina Balin The Deadly Kiss
1973 William Smith The Deadly Trackers
1973 Rod Taylor The Deadly Trackers
1973 Richard Harris The Deadly Trackers
1973 Boyd "Red" Morgan The Deadly Trackers
1973 Paul Benjamin The Deadly Trackers
1973 Neville Brand The Deadly Trackers
1973 Abe Vigoda The Don Is Dead
1973 Louis Zorich The Don Is Dead
1973 Ina Balin The Don Is Dead
1973 Vic Tayback The Don Is Dead
1973 Frank de Kova The Don Is Dead
1973 Anthony Quinn The Don Is Dead
1973 Robert Forster The Don Is Dead
1973 Frederic Forrest The Don Is Dead
1972 Forrest Tucker Footsteps
1972 Allen Garfield Footsteps
1972 Mary Murphy Footsteps
1972 James Woods Footsteps
1972 Richard Crenna Footsteps
1972 Robert Carradine Footsteps
1972 Ned Beatty Footsteps
1972 Joanna Pettet Footsteps
1972 Beah Richards Footsteps
1972 Slim Pickens The Getaway
1972 Dub Taylor The Getaway
1972 Ben Johnson The Getaway
1972 Ali MacGraw The Getaway
1972 Steve McQueen The Getaway
1972 Marlon Brando The Godfather
1972 John Cazale The Godfather
1972 John Marley The Godfather
1972 Sterling Hayden The Godfather
1972 Al Pacino The Godfather
1972 Carmine Coppola The Godfather
1972 Sofia Coppola The Godfather
1972 Richard Conte The Godfather
1972 Abe Vigoda The Godfather
1972 Talia Shire The Godfather
1972 James Caan The Godfather
1972 Diane Keaton The Godfather
1972 Robert Duvall The Godfather
1972 Alex Rocco The Godfather
1972 Vito Scotti The Godfather
1972 Lizabeth Scott Pulp
1972 Michael Caine Pulp
1972 Lionel Stander Pulp
1972 Mickey Rooney Pulp
1972 Dennis Price Pulp
1971 Telly Savalas A Town Called Hell
1971 Robert Shaw A Town Called Hell
1971 Stella Stevens A Town Called Hell
1971 Martin Landau A Town Called Hell
1971 Michael Craig A Town Called Hell
1971 Fernando Rey A Town Called Hell
1969 Marlon Brando The Night of the Following Day
1969 Richard Boone The Night of the Following Day
1969 Rita Moreno The Night of the Following Day
1967 Peter Sellers The Bobo
1967 Rossano Brazzi The Bobo
1967 Kenneth Griffith The Bobo
1967 Adolfo Celi The Bobo
1967 Hattie Jacques The Bobo
1964 Seymour Cassel The Hanged Man
1964 Norman Fell The Hanged Man
1964 Edgar Bergen The Hanged Man
1964 Pat Buttram The Hanged Man
1964 Robert Culp The Hanged Man
1964 Vera Miles The Hanged Man
1964 Gene Raymond The Hanged Man
1964 Edmond O'Brien The Hanged Man
1964 J. Carrol Naish The Hanged Man
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