Allen Payne

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Richard Roundtree Men Cry in the Dark
2001 William Forsythe Blue Hill Avenue
2001 Clarence Williams III Blue Hill Avenue
2000 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio The Perfect Storm
2000 Christopher McDonald The Perfect Storm
2000 John C. Reilly The Perfect Storm
2000 Mark Wahlberg The Perfect Storm
2000 Bob Gunton The Perfect Storm
2000 George Clooney The Perfect Storm
2000 Michael Ironside The Perfect Storm
2000 William Fichtner The Perfect Storm
2000 Cherry Jones The Perfect Storm
2000 Karen Allen The Perfect Storm
2000 Diane Lane The Perfect Storm
1999 Christine Ebersole Double Platinum
1999 Diana Ross Double Platinum
1998 Renée Zellweger A Price Above Rubies
1998 Edie Falco A Price Above Rubies
1998 Julianna Margulies A Price Above Rubies
1998 Christopher Eccleston A Price Above Rubies
1998 Kim Hunter A Price Above Rubies
1995 John Lithgow The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Rosemary Murphy The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Ed Lauter The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Andre Braugher The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Janet MacLachlan The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Cuba Gooding, Jr. The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Courtney B. Vance The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Christopher McDonald The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Laurence Fishburne The Tuskegee Airmen
1995 Eddie Murphy Vampire in Brooklyn
1995 Zakes Mokae Vampire in Brooklyn
1995 Joanna Cassidy Vampire in Brooklyn
1995 Angela Bassett Vampire in Brooklyn
1995 Joe Morton The Walking Dead
1994 Forest Whitaker Jason's Lyric
1994 Jada Pinkett Smith Jason's Lyric
1993 Chris Elliott CB4: The Movie
1993 Ice-T CB4: The Movie
1993 Ice Cube CB4: The Movie
1993 Halle Berry CB4: The Movie
1993 Phil Hartman CB4: The Movie
1993 Chris Rock CB4: The Movie
1993 Isaac Hayes CB4: The Movie
1992 Joe Morton A Different World: Conflict of Interest
1991 Chris Rock New Jack City
1991 Wesley Snipes New Jack City
1991 Mario Van Peebles New Jack City
1991 Ice-T New Jack City
1991 Judd Nelson New Jack City
1989 Luis Guzman Rooftops
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