Allan Forrest
Date of Birth
Sep 01, 1885
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1932 John Farrell MacDonald The Phantom Express
1932 Carl Stockdale The Phantom Express
1932 Hobart Bosworth The Phantom Express
1932 Huntly Gordon The Phantom Express
1930 Stuart Erwin Dangerous Nan McGrew
1930 John Hamilton Dangerous Nan McGrew
1930 Victor Moore Dangerous Nan McGrew
1930 Frank Morgan Dangerous Nan McGrew
1928 Betty Compson Desert Bride
1928 George "Slim" Summerville Riding for Fame
1928 Hoot Gibson Riding for Fame
1928 Bessie Love Sally of the Scandals
1927 Madge Bellamy Ankles Preferred
1927 John Farrell MacDonald Ankles Preferred
1927 Sally O'Neil The Lovelorn
1926 Frankie Darro The Carnival Girl
1926 George Siegmann The Carnival Girl
1926 Jackie Cooper The Carnival Girl
1926 George Sidney Partners Again
1926 Nelson McDowell Phantom Bullet
1926 Hoot Gibson Phantom Bullet
1926 George Sidney The Prince of Pilsen
1926 William Von Brincken The Prince of Pilsen
1926 Myrtle Stedman The Prince of Pilsen
1926 Walter Catlett Summer Bachelors
1926 Charles Winninger Summer Bachelors
1926 Madge Bellamy Summer Bachelors
1926 Matt Moore Summer Bachelors
1926 Leila Hyams Summer Bachelors
1926 Neil Hamilton Summer Bachelors
1926 Clara Bow Two Can Play
1925 Leatrice Joy Dressmaker from Paris
1925 Ernest Torrence Dressmaker from Paris
1925 Jackie Coogan Old Clothes
1925 Joan Crawford Old Clothes
1925 Ben Alexander Pampered Youth
1925 Percy Marmont Rose of the World
1925 Wyndham Standing Rose of the World
1925 Patsy Ruth Miller Rose of the World
1924 Boyd Irwin Captain Blood
1924 J. Warren Kerrigan Captain Blood
1924 Mary Pickford Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
1924 Estelle Taylor Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
1924 Huntly Gordon The Great Divide
1924 ZaSu Pitts The Great Divide
1924 Wallace Beery The Great Divide
1923 Viola Dana Crinoline and Romance
1923 Viola Dana Her Fatal Millions
1923 Huntly Gordon Her Fatal Millions
1923 Jackie Coogan Long Live the King
1923 Alan Hale Long Live the King
1923 Charley Chase Long Live the King
1923 Rosemary Theby Long Live the King
1923 Pat O'Malley Wandering Daughters
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Wandering Daughters
1922 John Ince The Hole in the Wall
1922 Shirley Mason Lights of the Desert
1922 Shirley Mason The New Teacher
1922 Colin Kenny Seeing's Believing
1922 Viola Dana Seeing's Believing
1922 Noah Beery, Sr. Tillie
1922 Robert Anderson Tillie
1922 Lucien Littlefield Tillie
1922 Shirley Mason Very Truly Yours
1921 Anna Q. Nilsson What Women Will Do
1920 Virginia Vale The Purple Cipher
1919 Carl Stockdale The Amazing Impostor
1918 Carl Stockdale The Eyes of Julia Deep
1917 Willard Louis American Methods
1917 William Farnum American Methods
1917 Josef Swickard American Methods
1917 Florence Vidor American Methods
1915 Norma Talmadge Captivating Mary Carstairs
1914 Lon Chaney Discord and Harmony
1914 Murdock MacQuarrie Discord and Harmony
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