Don't Go and Don't Rent Either

By jshoreflyer
Written September 05, 2009
I'm only not going to give this an Oh No! because I'm sure there are worse movies out there. This one was not good, I didn't stay for anything past the scene when the 3 of them get out of the sewer pipe. I hate walking out on movies given that they cost more than $10 a ticket. The arcade game out in the lobby was more entertaining. Don't even bother to rent this, either. I'm surprised I was in the theater as long as the watch said because the story was that unbelievably slow. Sandra's character is really annoying, and the supporting characters are just stupid. This movie lacks a real plot, everything seems undeveloped. It's not as funny as it might seem from the previews. In fact, I didn't find anything funny for as far as I got into the movie before leaving. I wasn't entertained or interested in what little story existed here. Save your time and money and skip this.
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Read me....

By abslice
Written January 25, 2009
I Actually went to see this film at the pre-screen presentation, and Comming from someone who likes Thrillers and not this type of comedy I got to say... It was Good. Original, It is not a Girl movie or (chick flick), Is funny and full of surprises with a great ending, I think everyone will enjoy it, Is not something Out of this world but... Is All Right.... I'll say check it out, And laugh your behind off and have fun.
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Suprisingly not that bad !!

By mommabear651
Written September 12, 2009
I know the title of the review is misleading but people are really slamming this movie and it was entertaining, and engaging I took my 73 yr old Mom she loved it. Sandra gives a good performance her character is mind numbingly annoying in the beginning but she grows on you as does this movie which has a message believe it or not...Im not sure some of the more harsh wannabe reviewers got that message, but in this post summer wasteland of garbage the studios are cranking out it is refreshing to have a movie such as this one, light and funny, a good way to spend an afternoon.
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By knittybritty09
Written September 12, 2009
my mom and i went to see this together, and we loved it!! Bradley Cooper (<3) is fantastic, and sandra bullock really makes it funny!! MUST GO SEE!!!! if not for the hilarious story-line, but just to see bradley cooper on the big screen!!! :D
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By calgirl5683
Written March 15, 2009
i can't wait for this movie!!! i love Sandra Bullock!!! i think this movie will be absolutely hilarious!!!
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