"ALIEN TRESPASS” – The Day The Earth Stood PARTIALLY Still =

By jimchudnow
Written March 06, 2009
(From an advance preview of an April 3 release:) “It Came From Another Galaxy. A Creeping, Crawling Nightmare of Terror.” That tagline is used in this sendup of 1950-style SCI-FI movies. ERIC McCORMACK plays the typically “wooden” hero / scientist. JENNY BAIRD plays a diner waitress who becomes the heroine in helping “Marshall” Urp try to find and defeat the “Creature”. DAN LAURIA (the father in “The Wonder Years”) plays the Sheriff in Mojave with effective gruffness and moralism. There are the usual staples of such movies: the typically-cheesy-looking “special effects” from such period films, the “wild” teenagers, the crotchety and dim-witted townspeople, the disbelieving Law & Order people, and the unforgettable (as-much-as-you-might-like-to) dialogue (such as “EDSELS will be around forever!”). It really is almost “frighteningly” close to the old “B” movies of that era-- but it’s also FUN, good-natured, periodically FUNNY (in a mild way), and an enjoyable 1.5 hours.
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Too bad, I wanted to like this

By RandytheMovieFan
Written March 31, 2009
Would you pay real money to see a 1950s classic science fiction movie on the big screen like the original "War of the Worlds" or "Forbidden Planet"? Or would you like to see a great parody of those movies, just like "Airplane" did for airline disaster movies? If your answer to either question is yes, you're probably the target audience for this movie as I was. Unfortunately, though, "Alien Trespass" fails on both levels. It intentionally emulates far lesser movies, with a particular fondness for "The Blob", while its laughs are few and far between. And I think the acting was supposed to be bad, at least I hope so for the actors' sake. If you must see it, wait for the DVD. You won't have to wait long. Rent it along with "Tremors" so you can see a good example of this genre.
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alien tresspass

By universeeye
Written March 20, 2009
it a copy cat butt if it 1950 then its cool and good and if you rmrmber the fiftys should love this they were the best years in america for real americans. also learn some style from the movie and get scared and laugh and will go maybe we can get america back to its great ness.
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I love good cheddar!

By oaksong
Written April 05, 2009
Having seen so many of the films that this reflects I was astounded at the details. One of my favorites was a shot of the truck rolling slowly along the road with Eric walking beside it. You could tell that they had gone to the trouble of putting him on one of the old treadmills. It was amazing! Unfortunately you have to have a pretty high degree of familiarity with the science fiction films of the forties and fifties and the cheap affects which were all they had available back in those days to really appreciate how much effort has gone into making this parody. The puddles of brown goo were, in their own way, quite brilliant. The effort that went into producing authentic looking 50's set pieces has to be seen to be appreciated. The one thing they did that I expect the directors of the 50's would have truly appreciated is the use of high saturation color. Everything tends to pop out of the screen at you. It's nearly 3D. Don't miss this if you loved the oldies!
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Alien Trespass is a wonderful, authentic, retro 50's sci-fi romp - I loved it

By Dr_ Marvin
Written April 03, 2009
What a hoot--but it's also sweet, pure and a romping good time. This movie has good acting, production values exactly the way they were done in the 50's - the accurate feel of a real fifties sci-fi movie adventure. So that means that it probably won't work for the "super cool" generation addicted to hyper-action, noise and crude jokes. This movie is a loving homage that replicates the look, feel and style of those great 50's sci-fi classics that some of us love and respect. It's not a modern CGI roller-coaster extravaganza. It's got cool flying saucers, good and murderous aliens, beautiful sexy women, a cute dog, great old cars, Eric McCormack & Robert Patrick and more, more, more. I loved this movie! Want to take a time machine ride back to wonderful 50's sci-fi fun? Then I would highly recommend Alien Trespass.
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