Not a Fan!!!!

By graydon1
Written August 01, 2009
I don't know who gives out ratings but they obviously do not have small childeren. I took my three kids to see this trash ages 5,7 9. I left after the first 30 min!!!It was completely inappropriate for their ages. Within the first 25 min of the movie we must watch Ashley Tisdale sunbathing half naked and then throw herself at her "boytoy" boyfriend and watch as she gushes all over herself applying lotion all over his chest. Their is alot of sexually suggestive material. and the violence isn't cute its dark. Plus the adult actors are total zeros from the eighties story line is weak and predictable . It wouldn't even rate as a C movie forget B!! Great for the male high school crowd...Keep your kids at home.
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=P =P =P

By lissababy
Written August 15, 2008
Unoriginal plot. But whatever, I'm not you, and not everyone can agree with one person.
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By edwardgirl101
Written August 22, 2009
I Love it. And i'm like teenager. It was soooo funny
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Looks Pretty Good!!!!!

By movie wizard 202
Written July 24, 2009
Ok so the first time I heard of this movie I was like aliens taking over people come on; STUPID. But when i saw the preview it looked like a pretty decent film. IT has comedy, action, and most of all ASHLEY TISDALE ( HOTTTTTT). So I will probably see this movie!!!!!
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Much better than expected

By 3kids41mom
Written August 01, 2009
I thought this looked 9 and 14 did NOT want to see this, but my 6 year old did desperately. So, we went yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. This was actually worth several good laughs. The overall message is a good one and we all had a good time and we all agreed it was better than G force. So, if you are looking for a way to spend a hot afternoon - GO! Plus I enjoyed the family was portrayed as a real fighting family that says unkind things to each other BUT when the going gets tough, they band together and show the real caring and love for each other. They looked like a real family - not a sugar glazed hollywood confection.
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