A classic worth watching...over and over

By Santiago - MAKiiNA
Written October 24, 2016
As Prometheus dawns on us, I have decided to revisit all of the Alien films. Yes, you may call that an excuse to do a super fun marathon at home. "Work" as I like to call it. I admit I was a bit skeptic at first. Having grown up with these films and feeling great admiration for them, I was worried that a modern viewing might date the content and change my fond memories of the material. And can I happily declare that "Alien", not only stood the test of time, but reminded me of how irrefutable is Ridley Scott's natural talent for film making. Let me remind you this is Ridley's second outing at feature film. The guy just has that organic instinct for the art of the shot. You can feel the hand of a surgeon at work here. Not much is seen per-say of the typical horror visual bluntness of this genre. Most is left to the imagination and the world of the implied. Anxiety in the form of a concerto of subtlety.
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In theatres or on DVD? Don't know why this is listed....BUT

By karensaucedo
Written October 24, 2009
I've had this movie on VHS for years....creepy.....creepy..... One of the all-time grossest dinner table scenes ever.... Lots of plot and character interaction and personalities and script. Lots of twists.... Lots of scares.... Yep.....One of the all-time greats in the scary/sci-fi dept.
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By Lopid5
Written August 04, 2015
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Great movie!

By bschrett
Written May 04, 2016
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By amynaree
Written February 16, 2012
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