Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 03, 2009
Classic haunted house in space
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By peliculasclasicas
Written April 24, 2008
Great! Loved it!
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By mitchellcaitlynn395
Written December 09, 2014
This movie and the rest of the movies following I have to say are amazing and spine tinkling scary not too many jump scares and the way it is I love it.I first became into the movie and movie's following when I was in High School and was browsing Wikipedia searching for something to read when I came across the facehugger and that's how I got into the Alien fandom.When I first saw the trailer I wanted to see the whole movie.
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Flashback Night

By king-rodriguez
Written May 01, 2007
Flashback nights are a fantastic idea. I was 1 when Alien was first in the theater so I obviously didnt see it then. I am a BIG fan of the movie and it was such a treat to see it on the big screen
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One of the Best!

By Ken Says
Written June 05, 2007
This movie will always be a classic. In fact, contrary to popular belief, at heart this is not even a science fiction movie: it is actually one of the better horror movies ever made. It's like "The Shining " meets "10 Little Indians" in space. The Director's Cut adds little to the overall experience of the story - I only noticed three key scenes that added/changed your understanding the story ever so slightly. But, if you are a big fan of the movie, it is always fun to be able to see around a few more corners than you had been able to before. I recommend this movie if for no other reason than to immerse yourself in a truly great horror classic on the big screen - just be sure to look away multiple times, not from the alien, but from the cheesy spaceship. Now there's something the director should have cut.
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