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Post-3D made the color palette noticeably darker

By mtknightdog
Written January 06, 2012
The Post-conversion into 3D somehow made the whole color palette of the movie 10 shades darker. Since the smoke effects are the only thing in the movie that are noticeably 3D, the trade-off causes the originally intended feel of the film to suffer.
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Rediscover your childhood!

By suelynn
Written March 06, 2010
This was my first 3D experience and it was Magical! I used to read all the poems from Alice in Wonderland to my son, and this movie found the poetry and magic in the story as Disney can. took me back to my childhood when I first saw Sleeping Beauty - made me feel like a little girl again. I loved the movie! Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were absolutely fabulous, as was Mia Wasikowska - a really LOVELY Alice. LOVED the Tweedles and of course, that fabulous vanishing Cheshire. Loved Alan Rickman's voice as the blue caterpillar and needless to say, the loyal dog, horse talking down his nose, depiction of the Jubjub bird, the Bandersnatch and the notorious Jabberwocky were brilliant! I viewed the movie through my inner child's eyes, as well as through the eyes of my now grown-up son who just adored having these stories read to him. Alice's bravery and emergence as an independent-thinking young woman was a nice addition. 3D Artistic touches were charming and ethereal. BRAVO!
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alice was amazing!

By gvs23
Written March 07, 2010
tim burton is fantastic. i like his creepy take on alice in wonderland. he made it so funny and amusing. Every single actor did a great job but i think that helena bonham carter and johnny depp did outstanding jobs with their characters. i give it 4 out of 4 stars
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Great but not Amazing...

By groves_fam
Written April 22, 2010
The graphics were awesome but the story line wasn't as great. Don't get me wrong it was a great movie but not AMAZING like Avatar....
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By redyeah
Written March 06, 2010
Yes the 3D looked nice, but the story was just okay. The flow of the story just seemed rushed and he focus appeared to be on making it all look good. I guess this is the major problem I have with 3D. Everybody gets excited about how the movie looks instead of the quality of the writing and acting. Though most of this was decently acted. I would not say just wait for DVD, but don't rush to theatres if you are expecting a well written film.
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