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Alice in Wonderland II

By Magicus
Written March 05, 2010
So, let me clear up a few things. First, the movie is NOT predominantly about The Hatter. It is indeed about Alice. However, he does play a pivotal role in the movie. Secondly, this movie, as many people know, is about Alice RETURNING to Wonderland (Original Book) after thirteen years. Furthermore, this movie is definately not for kids. There were many scenes that had hidden meanings or had dark adult themes that we all agreed weren't "kid-friendly". Now, all that aside, the plot was well-written, but it felt "rushed". I liked the 3-D aspect of the movie & liked the humor. It was definately worth my time and money, but don't go in expecting an oscar-winning performance because you will be disappointed. Sadly there is nothing incredibly big that stands out in this movie nor is there something blatantly bad that stands out as well; mediocre movie. Some backgrounds were cut and pasted from Lord of the Rings and we found it humorous. Interesting movie and if you can spare the cash, go.
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There are 106 Possibilities to Go and See this Film

By aleciasmith
Written March 07, 2010
There are 106 possibilities, but here I will give you 10. 1. It's not a dream, but an actual movie. Watch it in IMAX3D! 2. Cheshire Cats really do smile and/or grin. 3. The Mad Hatter is a very creative, yet whimsical person. That's Johnny Deep, love him! 4. Caterpillars do have a second life. 5. Alicia is all woman now! (guys) 6. The Red Queen is funny. 7. The White Queen is tranquil. 8. There a late white rabbit 9. A sneak mouse that likes to fight. 10. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Alicia in Wonderland is awesome with visual effect, camera and lighting. The acting is superb and I think this has been one of Johnny Depp's best performances yet. I loved the new story line and everything seems to just flow perfectly. They didn't miss a thing. I'm curious now. Will there be another one?! Way to go Disney!
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By PrincessSasami896
Written March 05, 2010
I saw this movie at the midnight showing and it was absolutely worth it! The IMAX 3D complimented the great visuals in the movie and I highly recommend it over the standard version of this movie. The casting in the movie is perfect and the story line is great as well. The original Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie and this did the movie great justice as a live action version. I will definitely see this movie again before it leaves theaters.
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loved it

By moeskidz
Written March 07, 2010
I absolutley loved Alice in wonderland watching it in IMAX 3d was worth it definatly going to see it again 5/5
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Five Word Review

By Professor Floyd
Written March 15, 2010
3D Colorful magical Cheshire Smile
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