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Alice in Wonderland: Not as great as I thought...

By MHedrick
Written March 08, 2010
I did not think Alice in Wonderland was anywhere near as great as I had predicted. This is definetly a movie I would have waited to see on DVD if possible. The effects were so-so... the imagery was so-so, as well. I was not impressed. The storyline was predictable and seemed to be a self-discovery story... unlike the book. I just wasn't into it... it kept going and going and going. In fact, several people got up and walked out of the movie right in the middle. Wait until it comes out on DVD! Madison
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Alice in Wonderland

By cappie82
Written March 29, 2010
In my opinion,it was just,.okay.While having the potential for being great,it just seemed lacking,especially in plot.I mean yes there was a plot,of sorts, but it seemed thought up by an 8 year old.When I think of a Disney movie,I usually think of something that's magical,captivating & timeless. But this,for me anyway,was sadly a let down & unfortunately somewhat forgettable.Though I guess I'd rather while away time by watching this movie to,than to watch ants trek back & forth to their little nest,gathering their food for winter.I don't know, perhaps I'd have been more entertained if I'd seen it in IMAX 3D ,though I doubt it.There are,however,some positive aspects to this film.The cast was a wonderful pick,though a waste of superb talents.And the imagery was quite colorful,unique.All in all,If you've been waiting for this movie to visit your theater & it's finally arrived,but you've not had a chance to see it yet,save your money,& rent the video.It might be less waste of your money
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Together Again!

By jdocd62
Written January 17, 2009
With Tim's slightly twisted dark side and Johnny's wonderful acting, this is going to be a must-see movie! Tim and Johnny are an unbeatable pair!
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A good movie...

By dav_cortez
Written March 24, 2010
Alice in Wonderland (2010) was a good movie. The visual effects were awesome, and the plot was okay. It was a little boring to be honest. So overall, I think it's a "So-so" movie.
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Seemingly impossible things

By qnewkirk
Written March 07, 2010
When I walked into the theater to see Alice in Wonderland this morning, I expected another Avatar in the sense that I would find stunning visual effects but a disjointed plot and awful commentary, but I did trust that Tim Burton would entertain me as he always does. As I watched the opening, I couldn't help wondering what was going on, this isn't the way the book went as far as style; it was very structured and focused heavily on plot, where the book had many side conversations between Alice and the stars of her dreamland. This is what I felt the movie lacked though otherwise, this film is wonderful. As Alice says "I often think of six impossible things before breakfast", Burton and his crew thought of at least one hundred to go into this world of underland. The acting was superb, pointing out specifically the talents of Mia Wasikowska, the actress who plays Alice. All in all, definitely a must see, as of right now, if you haven't seen it, you are very late indeed.
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