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really guys?!

By izzie_2011
Written March 05, 2010
Okay first off he was not smoking something, DUR!! In case you've never **2**/atter what movie, so you should have at least enjoyed that. If you're so disappointed you should've read more into the movie before you saw it. The desription of the movie is what you're gonna get. Plus, don't you remember the original Alice In Wonderland, it's just as freaky for a kids movie. All of you should be ashamed for writing such bad reviews about a good movie.
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By n3rd
Written June 02, 2012
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Loved it! Got to see Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

By jtsmomma
Written February 24, 2010
I got to see this movie last Friday night at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. I got tickets from KIIS FM to the Alice Fas Fest. We thought we were only going to get to see previews, but then Johnny Depp and Tim Burton came on stage and introduced the move and told us we got to be the first to view it! **6**/ I didn't have a headache like I normally do during 3D moveis. I definately would tell everyone to see it on the big screen... you won't be upset :)
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Waste of money and time

By Seanier84
Written March 16, 2010
Big waste of time. The two people I had with me both fell asleep. The visuals are entertaining, but that was all that kept me in the theater. Watch "Through the Looking Glass" and you'll be much more satisfied.
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By star12297
Written July 15, 2013
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