The People's Champ... What Should Have Been, What Could Have Been, But Wasn't.

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written June 11, 2016
Michael Mann's 2001 film Ali follows closely on the life trials of Muhammad Ali portrayed by actor Will Smith the film is 2hrs and 38mins long. One issue with the film was that there was not enough background for Ali to be a leading character you can't get into the emotion and ideals because he seems distant. Will Smith did an excellent job in preparation for the film. He lifted and got to the build of the heavyweight boxer, recreated the champ's voice, and did all his own stunts and actually boxed in the ring with the actors playing Ali's rivals but not even Will Smith's outstanding performance could change the negative affect of the leading character. Other actors in the all star cast include Jada Pinkett Smith, an expressive stand out character played by Jamie Foxx, and even Jon Voight a unrecognizable sports announcer. The movie had potential to be great but was just good. The life of the people's champ and the greatest of all time was moving but did not gain more than a 3 out of 5
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Acting was convincing, movie didn't feel long, but.....

By SetauketJeff
Written June 13, 2016
They could have done a lot more with the 2.5 hours that they used. Like maybe less fight sequences and dive more into Ali's personal relationships and political views
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great movie

By glward123
Written June 11, 2016
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