Alfred Molina
Date of Birth
May 24, 1953
Birth Place:
London, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Greg Kinnear Little Men
2016 Jennifer Ehle Little Men
2016 Tina Fey Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
2016 Josh Charles Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
2016 Billy Bob Thornton Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
2015 Julia Roberts Secret in Their Eyes
2015 Nicole Kidman Secret in Their Eyes
2015 Alan Cumming Strange Magic
2015 Peter Stormare Strange Magic
2015 Gary Rydstrom Strange Magic
2014 Liam Neeson Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 Frank Langella Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 Salma Hayek Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet
2014 John Lithgow Love Is Strange
2014 Marisa Tomei Love Is Strange
2014 Mark Ruffalo The Normal Heart
2014 Julia Roberts The Normal Heart
2014 Minnie Driver Return to Zero
2014 Kathy Baker Return to Zero
2014 Connie Nielsen Return to Zero
2014 Jean-Claude Van Damme Swelter
2014 Melanie Lynskey We'll Never Have Paris
2013 Antonio Banderas Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Julie Walters Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Rupert Everett Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Charles Dance Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Olivia Williams Justin and the Knights of Valor
2013 Billy Crystal Monsters University
2013 Bonnie Hunt Monsters University
2013 Dave Foley Monsters University
2013 John Goodman Monsters University
2013 John Ratzenberger Monsters University
2013 Helen Mirren Monsters University
2013 Steve Buscemi Monsters University
2013 Frances O'Connor The Truth About Emanuel
2012 Lauren Bacall The Forger
2012 Francesca Annis Loving Miss Hatto
2011 Sigourney Weaver Abduction
2011 Jason Isaacs Abduction
2011 Frank Lloyd Abduction
2011 Maria Bello Abduction
2011 Willem Dafoe Gauguin: Maker of Myth
2011 Ray Winstone Rango
2011 Gore Verbinski Rango
2011 Ned Beatty Rango
2011 Bill Nighy Rango
2011 Johnny Depp Rango
2011 Charles Fleischer Rango
2011 Harry Dean Stanton Rango
2011 Stephen Root Rango
2010 Terrence Howard Law & Order: Los Angeles [TV Series]
2010 Ben Kingsley Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Ronald Pickup Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Monica Bellucci The Sorcerer's Apprentice
2010 Nicolas Cage The Sorcerer's Apprentice
2010 Alice Krige The Sorcerer's Apprentice
2010 Chris Cooper The Tempest
2010 Tom Conti The Tempest
2010 Alan Cumming The Tempest
2010 Helen Mirren The Tempest
2010 David Strathairn The Tempest
2010 Djimon Hounsou The Tempest
2009 Emma Thompson An Education
2009 Peter Sarsgaard An Education
2009 Olivia Williams An Education
2009 Emily Mortimer The Pink Panther 2
2009 Andy Garcia The Pink Panther 2
2009 Lily Tomlin The Pink Panther 2
2009 Steve Martin The Pink Panther 2
2009 Jeremy Irons The Pink Panther 2
2009 Jean Reno The Pink Panther 2
2009 John Cleese The Pink Panther 2
2009 Keri Russell Wonder Woman
2009 Marg Helgenberger Wonder Woman
2009 Virginia Madsen Wonder Woman
2009 Oliver Platt Wonder Woman
2009 David McCallum Wonder Woman
2008 Philip Baker Hall The Lodger
2008 Donal Logue The Lodger
2008 Hope Davis The Lodger
2008 Mel Harris The Lodger
2008 Rebecca Pidgeon The Lodger
2008 Theodore Bikel Modern Life
2008 Elizabeth Peña Nothing Like the Holidays
2008 Debra Messing Nothing Like the Holidays
2008 John Leguizamo Nothing Like the Holidays
2008 Luis Guzman Nothing Like the Holidays
2007 Richard Briers As You Like It
2007 Janet McTeer As You Like It
2007 Kevin Kline As You Like It
2007 Patrick Doyle As You Like It
2007 Brian Blessed As You Like It
2007 René Auberjonois Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!
2007 Michael Keaton The Company
2007 Natascha McElhone The Company
2007 Chris O'Donnell The Company
2007 Hope Davis The Hoax
2007 Marcia Gay Harden The Hoax
2007 Stanley Tucci The Hoax
2007 Eli Wallach The Hoax
2007 Richard Gere The Hoax
2007 Julie Delpy The Hoax
2007 Zeljko Ivanek The Hoax
2007 Theodore Bikel The Little Traitor
2007 Catherine McCormack Moon and the Stars
2007 Jonathan Pryce Moon and the Stars
2007 Keira Knightley Silk
2007 Callum Keith Rennie Silk
2007 Koji Yakusho Silk
2007 Michael Pitt Silk
2007 Ben Kingsley The Ten Commandments
2007 Christian Slater The Ten Commandments
2007 Elliott Gould The Ten Commandments
2006 Jürgen Prochnow The Da Vinci Code
2006 Ian McKellen The Da Vinci Code
2006 Jean-Pierre Marielle The Da Vinci Code
2006 Jean Reno The Da Vinci Code
2006 Audrey Tautou The Da Vinci Code
2006 Paul Bettany The Da Vinci Code
2006 Tom Hanks The Da Vinci Code
2005 Anna Paquin Joan of Arc: Child of War, Soldier of God
2005 Fred Dalton Thompson Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Night
2005 Rita Moreno Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Night
2005 Angela Lansbury Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Night
2005 Bebe Neuwirth Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Night
2005 Salma Hayek Sian Ka'an
2005 Cheech Marin Sian Ka'an
2004 John Leguizamo Crónicas
2004 Rosemary Harris Spider-Man 2
2004 Willem Dafoe Spider-Man 2
2004 Dylan Baker Spider-Man 2
2004 Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man 2
2004 Bruce Campbell Spider-Man 2
2004 Cliff Robertson Spider-Man 2
2004 Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 2
2004 J.K. Simmons Spider-Man 2
2004 Anna Paquin Steamboy
2004 Susumu Terajima Steamboy
2004 Patrick Stewart Steamboy
2003 Cate Blanchett Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Tom Waits Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Steven Wright Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Steve Buscemi Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Roberto Benigni Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Bill Murray Coffee and Cigarettes
2003 Pruitt Taylor Vince Identity
2003 Amanda Peet Identity
2003 Ray Liotta Identity
2003 Rebecca De Mornay Identity
2003 John C. McGinley Identity
2003 Jake Busey Identity
2003 John Cusack Identity
2003 Bruno Ganz Luther
2003 Peter Ustinov Luther
2003 Amanda Plummer My Life Without Me
2003 Mark Ruffalo My Life Without Me
2003 Sarah Polley My Life Without Me
2002 Catherine O'Hara Bram and Alice [TV Series]
2002 Antonio Banderas Frida
2002 Valeria Golino Frida
2002 Ashley Judd Frida
2002 Salma Hayek Frida
2002 Diego Luna Frida
2002 Geoffrey Rush Frida
2002 Edward Norton Frida
2002 Brenda Blethyn Undertaking Betty
2002 Christopher Walken Undertaking Betty
2002 Naomi Watts Undertaking Betty
2002 Lee Evans Undertaking Betty
2002 Miriam Margolyes Undertaking Betty
2001 Leslie Caron Murder on the Orient Express
2001 Meredith Baxter Murder on the Orient Express
2001 Vincent Spano Texas Rangers
2001 Tom Skerritt Texas Rangers
2001 Dylan McDermott Texas Rangers
2000 Leslie Caron Chocolat
2000 Juliette Binoche Chocolat
2000 Carrie-Anne Moss Chocolat
2000 John Wood Chocolat
2000 Lena Olin Chocolat
2000 Peter Stormare Chocolat
2000 Johnny Depp Chocolat
2000 Judi Dench Chocolat
1999 Sarah Jessica Parker Dudley Do-Right
1999 Brendan Fraser Dudley Do-Right
1999 Robert Prosky Dudley Do-Right
1999 Eric Idle Dudley Do-Right
1999 Alex Rocco Dudley Do-Right
1999 Stephen Root Ladies Man [TV Series]
1999 Betty White Ladies Man [TV Series]
1999 Julianne Moore Magnolia
1999 John C. Reilly Magnolia
1999 Melora Walters Magnolia
1999 William H. Macy Magnolia
1999 Luis Guzman Magnolia
1999 Melinda Dillon Magnolia
1999 Mary Lynn Rajskub Magnolia
1999 Tom Cruise Magnolia
1999 Jason Robards, Jr. Magnolia
1999 Philip Seymour Hoffman Magnolia
1999 Henry Gibson Magnolia
1999 Philip Baker Hall Magnolia
1999 Felicity Huffman Magnolia
1998 Hope Davis The Impostors
1998 Dana Ivey The Impostors
1998 Richard Jenkins The Impostors
1998 Steve Buscemi The Impostors
1998 Allison Janney The Impostors
1998 Woody Allen The Impostors
1998 Billy Connolly The Impostors
1998 Isabella Rossellini The Impostors
1998 Stanley Tucci The Impostors
1998 Tony Shalhoub The Impostors
1998 Lili Taylor The Impostors
1998 Oliver Platt The Impostors
1998 Campbell Scott The Impostors
1998 Mike Myers Pete's Meteor
1998 Brenda Fricker Pete's Meteor
1998 Elizabeth Perkins Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples
1998 Martin Donovan Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples
1998 Linda Hamilton Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples
1998 Dana Delany Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples
1998 Sela Ward Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Couples
1997 Sophie Marceau Anna Karenina
1997 James Fox Anna Karenina
1997 Phyllida Law Anna Karenina
1997 Sean Bean Anna Karenina
1997 Fiona Shaw Anna Karenina
1997 Danny Huston Anna Karenina
1997 Julianne Moore Boogie Nights
1997 Philip Baker Hall Boogie Nights
1997 Heather Graham Boogie Nights
1997 Melora Walters Boogie Nights
1997 William H. Macy Boogie Nights
1997 John C. Reilly Boogie Nights
1997 Philip Seymour Hoffman Boogie Nights
1997 Don Cheadle Boogie Nights
1997 Luis Guzman Boogie Nights
1997 Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights
1997 Mark Wahlberg Boogie Nights
1997 Stephen Rea A Further Gesture
1997 Pruitt Taylor Vince A Further Gesture
1997 Brendan Gleeson A Further Gesture
1997 Bill Murray The Man Who Knew Too Little
1997 Peter Gallagher The Man Who Knew Too Little
1997 Joanne Whalley The Man Who Knew Too Little
1997 Michael York The Treat
1997 Valeria Golino The Treat
1997 Patrick Dempsey The Treat
1997 Julie Delpy The Treat
1997 Seymour Cassel The Treat
1997 Vincent Perez The Treat
1996 John Heard Before and After
1996 Wesley Addy Before and After
1996 Liam Neeson Before and After
1996 Meryl Streep Before and After
1996 Ann Magnuson Before and After
1996 Anne Archer Mojave Moon
1996 Michael Biehn Mojave Moon
1996 Angelina Jolie Mojave Moon
1996 Danny Aiello Mojave Moon
1995 Lance Henriksen Dead Man
1995 Robert Mitchum Dead Man
1995 Crispin Glover Dead Man
1995 Billy Bob Thornton Dead Man
1995 Jared Harris Dead Man
1995 Gabriel Byrne Dead Man
1995 John Hurt Dead Man
1995 Johnny Depp Dead Man
1995 Christine Lahti Hideaway
1995 Jeff Goldblum Hideaway
1995 Jeremy Sisto Hideaway
1995 Rae Dawn Chong Hideaway
1995 Alicia Silverstone Hideaway
1995 Mira Nair The Perez Family
1995 Marisa Tomei The Perez Family
1995 Vincent Gallo The Perez Family
1995 Anjelica Huston The Perez Family
1995 Trini Alvarado The Perez Family
1995 Chazz Palminteri The Perez Family
1995 Esai Morales Scorpion Spring
1995 Rubén Blades Scorpion Spring
1995 Matthew McConaughey Scorpion Spring
1995 Kevin Tighe Scorpion Spring
1995 Forest Whitaker Species
1995 Michelle Williams Species
1995 Michael Madsen Species
1995 Ben Kingsley Species
1995 Marg Helgenberger Species
1995 Helen Slater The Steal
1995 Stephen Fry The Steal
1994 Melora Walters Cabin Boy
1994 Russ Tamblyn Cabin Boy
1994 Ricki Lake Cabin Boy
1994 Ann Magnuson Cabin Boy
1994 Brian Doyle-Murray Cabin Boy
1994 Brion James Cabin Boy
1994 Chris Elliott Cabin Boy
1994 Max Perlich Maverick
1994 Denver Pyle Maverick
1994 Doug McClure Maverick
1994 James Garner Maverick
1994 Linda Hunt Maverick
1994 Dan Hedaya Maverick
1994 Robert Fuller Maverick
1994 Margot Kidder Maverick
1994 Danny Glover Maverick
1994 Jodie Foster Maverick
1994 William Smith Maverick
1994 Graham Greene Maverick
1994 Lauren Shuler-Donner Maverick
1994 James Coburn Maverick
1994 Bert Remsen Maverick
1994 Geoffrey Lewis Maverick
1994 Mel Gibson Maverick
1994 Art La Fleur Maverick
1994 Dub Taylor Maverick
1994 Clint Walker Maverick
1994 Geoffrey Lewis White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
1994 Ethan Hawke White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
1993 Trini Alvarado American Friends
1993 Michael Palin American Friends
1993 Juliet Stevenson The Trial
1993 Jean Stapleton The Trial
1993 Anthony Hopkins The Trial
1993 Jason Robards, Jr. The Trial
1993 Kyle MacLachlan The Trial
1993 David Thewlis The Trial
1993 Seymour Cassel When Pigs Fly
1992 Jim Broadbent Enchanted April
1992 Joan Plowright Enchanted April
1992 Miranda Richardson Enchanted April
1991 Tom Bell Angels
1990 Sally Field Not Without My Daughter
1989 Rade Serbedzija Manifesto
1989 Eric Stoltz Manifesto
1989 Lindsay Duncan Manifesto
1989 Gabrielle Anwar Manifesto
1989 Simon Callow Manifesto
1989 John Heard Virtuoso
1989 Alison Steadman Virtuoso
1987 Vanessa Redgrave Prick Up Your Ears
1987 Gary Oldman Prick Up Your Ears
1987 Lindsay Duncan Prick Up Your Ears
1987 Wallace Shawn Prick Up Your Ears
1987 Margaret Tyzack Prick Up Your Ears
1987 Julie Walters Prick Up Your Ears
1985 John Malkovich Eleni
1985 Kate Nelligan Eleni
1985 Ronald Pickup Eleni
1985 Linda Hunt Eleni
1985 Glenne Headly Eleni
1985 Matthew Broderick Ladyhawke
1985 Michelle Pfeiffer Ladyhawke
1985 John Wood Ladyhawke
1985 Rutger Hauer Ladyhawke
1985 Leo McKern Ladyhawke
1985 Peter Firth Letter to Brezhnev
1985 Billy Connolly Water
1985 Leonard Rossiter Water
1985 Dennis Dugan Water
1985 Michael Caine Water
1985 Fred Gwynne Water
1985 Valerie Perrine Water
1985 Dick Shawn Water
1985 Brenda Vaccaro Water
1984 Alison Steadman Number One
1984 Mel Smith Number One
1984 Ray Winstone Number One
1981 Gary Oldman Meantime
1981 Tim Roth Meantime
1981 Vic Armstrong Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Tutte Lemkow Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Frank Marshall Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 John Rhys-Davies Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Karen Allen Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Denholm Elliott Raiders of the Lost Ark
0 Adrienne Corri Blat
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