You did it Tyler Perry!

By Kaneki61
Written July 31, 2014
This movie has it all, it will make you laugh, cry and scream. Tyler Perry was fantastic as Alex Cross and Mathew Fox as the villian! People need to go in and see this movie with an open mind and not compare it to the one's Morgan Freeman did. Don't you think that's the reason there is so much time between the last Alex Cross and this one? Morgan was great and so is Tyler and I hope he makes many more movies as Alex Cross!
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Alex Cross Great Movie

By dpayne6785
Written September 21, 2014
If you like action-packed drama with a thrilling story line, go see this today! The acting,the plot and the conclusion does NOT disappoint. Tyler Perry gives a stellar performance in the lead role offering viewers a new identity in his character arsenal. His portrayal is gripping and believable. Fantastic movie worth seeing ON THE BIG SCREEN!
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Alex Cross

By onionesr
Written October 22, 2014
Those of you that are use to Mr. Perry comedic geneous will get a big surprise with Alex Cross! Tylor does a great job in this action thriller and I would recommed any one, if you seen Tylor before or not, to go see this film. Great job to all in this production!!
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Cross Review

By maggierose18
Written September 18, 2014
I sure don't agree with the critics on this one. It was suspenseful and exciting. I think Tyler Perry was very good. I think he showed he a good actor out of his Madeara role. Hope to see more Patterson movies with Tyler Perry as Cross. A lot of people probably didn't go see it because of the critics. Go - before it's too late.
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I've seen better

By dbrock1983
Written October 25, 2014
The movie was ok!i had potential in the beginning but towards the end it fell apart for me. Tyler Perry is an good actor but I can't take him seriously!
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