One word... Predictable!

By ztazmatic
Written September 19, 2014
So yeah, I really like Tyler Perry's theater plays and religious movies, I really enjoy them. I really wanted to see him in this type of film to see how he does, but I think I had a hard time since I paid too much attention on his Madea character coming out of him in every scene. I couldn't help but say "ha that's madea", like in the scene where he first confronts mr. Lost guy. I mean it was such a major scene that I barely got excited. I felt it needed way more action, I felt that the villain needed more something, the film itself lacked the edge of your seat feel.
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Tyler Perry can . . . .

By ChaosRN
Written January 27, 2015
It was refreshing to see Tyler Perry continue his excelleant practice of his craft, and let someone else handle the other details as he puts him self on the screen.
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By marksites
Written March 01, 2015
Unless they were intending to be comically cliche with over-the-top bad acting, this movie was nothing but a vehicle for Cadillac/GM product placements. I was frankly insulted by amateurish overall production until I saw what was supposed to be a gruesome killing that was so stupid I and my friends spontaneously laughed our butts off. There was one short but amusing performance by a bit character and she turned out to be the best thing about it. Don't stay home. But do see something other than this schlockfest.
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Alex Cross Just Okay!

By soulo
Written October 20, 2012
I read somewhere that Tyler Perry replaced Idris Elba for the lead role. Why? Idris is ten times the actor Perry is. Maybe Idris felt the script was too weak, which I personally felt was missing something the whole way through. Don't get me wrong Perry a multi-millionaire media mogul, but he's no leading man. I'd had enough of Madea after Perry's first film in a dress and wig, but honestly I saw Madea come thru in Alex Cross (the scene when Perry is arguing with his superior officer in front of the courthouse). I know that some people want to wear a number of hats as opposed to just doing what they do best, but I want to see Tyler Perry in a movie like I want to see Diddy in another rapper's video. I DON'T! Tyler and Diddy should both learn how to bankroll projects and stay out of the forefront. Let the actors act. Anything else behind the scenes...have at it!
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Good storyline. It is a must see. But the "nudity"references are incorrect.

By dblsaxman
Written October 22, 2012
This film was good casting and acting. Tyler Perry in his non-directing debut was excellent. Actually the portrayal of the supporting cast was good as well. Matthew Fox plays a believable villian. Carmen Ejogo does well as Mrs. Cross. There is a reference by the critics about nudity. I didn't see it. I did see scenes of lingerie, but not nudity. I think if there was nudity for real, the PG-13 rating could not be applied. But I digress. This is actually a movie that I would take a teenage child. Though it is not Journey 2, it is something that teenagers and adults would find entertaining.
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