Alex Cross

By pray4all
Written October 20, 2012
Great Great Great movie, Tyler Perry did an awesome job. Alot of action. Awesome movie, Love it. I love all of Tyler Perry's movies, I know he did not write or direct this one, but he did a great job as an actor.
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Well Worth Watching

By MissLi ObviousLi
Written September 20, 2014
YES! Tyler Perry is KNOWN for being Madea... YES! There were times in the film that I was reminded of Madea. And YES! It's hard to separate the two at first. BUT - He worked his behind off at that character, so much respect. And, once you get past the initial skepticism you have about him playing this type of role, you'll be able to see the movie for the great acting, emotion, character, and writing it really has to offer. Just go in open-minded and give him a shot and you won't be disappointed. I WASN'T! And I know he's only going to keep getting better. "MUCH RESPECT!"
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Alex Cross

By cateyessee
Written September 18, 2014
I found the movie to be very exciting I was surprised that tyler perry was also good as a dramatic actor. The actors were great together in this movie.
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Alex Croxx

By haileys hootie
Written November 15, 2012
I couldn' wait to go see this movie. It was a great movie. the actors were well thought out for thier characters. It was action packed all the way through, and I truely didnt see the end coming like it did. The butcher was a creepy dude!!
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Alex Cross

By kilarney4547
Written October 22, 2012
While the critics said "Don't go," I really enjoyed this movie and was totally surprised by Tyler Perry's interpretation of Alex. I was afraid I would keep thinking of Morgan Freeman, (or Madea) but I didn't at all. I wasn't too happy that his partner was white only because in the books he is black. However, it was a good thriller. I hope Tyler does some more Alex Cross movies.
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