By ng1294
Written September 22, 2008
Alexander is a great film about the life and times of Alexander the Great. Basically the whole movie is Ptolemy talking about Alexander's long life. You see Alexander's childhood, his relationship with his parents, his love life (which has both men and women in it), 2 of the battles he fought (the battle in India is the siege in Multan if I remember right) and you see the Battle of Guagemela where he conquered the Persian Empire. Pros- - Very accurate to history. What they tallked about and showed in the movie was spot on accurate most of the time - Amazingly done battle scenes - Good acting - Cons - the movie is 3 hours long which is a long time to be sitting - It shows Alexander's gay life which really didn't need to be so prominent if you ask me - Part sof it just drag on and on and make you feel like the movie will never end The movie is great if you like Greek history or mythology. Don't go to the movie expecting it to have lots of battle scenes though.
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