Albert Nobbs

By himj
Written January 29, 2012
To tell you the truth, I dont know what to think about this movie. I understood the plot, I just did not understand who Albert was? The actors were excellent.
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Glenn Close gives a powerful yet understated performance

By Escapeforamoment
Written February 20, 2012
So convincing as a man Albert Nobbs looked like a man in drag when given the opportunity to dress in ladies attire. A story of survival with an eye towards improving in the slightest one's quality of life. Though the ending was bittersweet I thought it well worth the price of the ticket.
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Good Movie with a good story.

By buffetfan1102
Written February 07, 2012
Glenn Cloe was super. I hope she wins best actress. Good story. A movie you would enjoy. Although I thought her identity would be more of conversation in the movie.
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Albert Nobss timeless

By hrhkurt
Written February 02, 2012
This movie touches you on so many different levels. Its great cinematography, gripping story and excellent acting make it one of this years best movies. Glen Close is completely beilievable as Albert. Her character is outstanding and there are several lessons to be learned in this story, from human kindness and understanding to humility. A little long at just under two hours but I never looked at my watch once.
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Albert Nobbs

By henryanne
Written February 08, 2012
The film was very sensitive, thought provoking and gripping. Very adult subject matter but extremely well done with outstanding acting, setting and cinamatography. An extraordinary film!
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