Albert Chevalier
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1899

Worked With

Year Name Title
1954 Victor McLaglen Trouble in the Glen
1954 Forrest Tucker Trouble in the Glen
1954 Orson Welles Trouble in the Glen
1954 Eddie Byrne Trouble in the Glen
1954 Margaret Lockwood Trouble in the Glen
1954 John McCallum Trouble in the Glen
1950 Dirk Bogarde The Woman in Question
1950 Jean Kent The Woman in Question
1950 Ian Fleming The Woman in Question
1950 John McCallum The Woman in Question
1950 Hermione Baddeley The Woman in Question
1943 Johnnie Schofield Millions Like Us
1943 Moore Marriott Millions Like Us
1943 Sidney Gilliat Millions Like Us
1943 Naunton Wayne Millions Like Us
1943 Beatrice Varley Millions Like Us
1943 John Salew Millions Like Us
1943 Megs Jenkins Millions Like Us
1943 Gordon Jackson Millions Like Us
1943 Eric Portman Millions Like Us
1943 Patricia Roc Millions Like Us
1943 Basil Radford Millions Like Us
1938 Martita Hunt Strange Boarders
1938 George "Gabby" Hayes Strange Boarders
1938 Googie Withers Strange Boarders
1938 Tom Walls Strange Boarders
1937 Francis L. Sullivan Non-Stop New York
1937 Andrea Malandrinos Non-Stop New York
1937 Peter Bull Non-Stop New York
1937 Anna Lee Non-Stop New York
1937 Derrick de Marney Young and Innocent
1937 Geraldine Fitzgerald Young and Innocent
1937 Beatrice Varley Young and Innocent
1937 Percy Marmont Young and Innocent
1937 Bill Shine Young and Innocent
1937 Torin Thatcher Young and Innocent
1937 John Miller Young and Innocent
1937 Basil Radford Young and Innocent
1936 Oscar Homolka Everything Is Thunder
1936 Constance Bennett Everything Is Thunder
1936 Martita Hunt Sabotage
1936 Oscar Homolka Sabotage
1936 Sylvia Sidney Sabotage
1936 Peter Bull Sabotage
1936 Charles Hawtrey Sabotage
1936 Torin Thatcher Sabotage
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