Albert Brooks
Date of Birth
Jul 22, 1947
Birth Place:
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Eugene Levy Finding Dory
2016 Diane Keaton Finding Dory
2016 Allison Janney Finding Dory
2016 Andrew Stanton Finding Dory
2016 Dominic West Finding Dory
2016 Stephen Root Finding Dory
2016 Ellen DeGeneres Finding Dory
2016 Willem Dafoe Finding Dory
2016 Brad Garrett Finding Dory
2016 John Ratzenberger Finding Dory
2016 Ed O'Neill Finding Dory
2015 David Morse Concussion
2015 Will Smith Concussion
2015 Alec Baldwin Concussion
2015 Arliss Howard Concussion
2015 Luke Wilson Concussion
2015 Paul Reiser Concussion
2015 Benicio Del Toro The Little Prince
2015 Jeff Bridges The Little Prince
2015 Ricky Gervais The Little Prince
2015 Paul Giamatti The Little Prince
2015 Paul Rudd The Little Prince
2014 David Margulies A Most Violent Year
2012 Paul Rudd This Is 40
2012 Tatum O'Neal This Is 40
2012 John Lithgow This Is 40
2011 Russ Tamblyn Drive
2011 Ron Perlman Drive
2011 Ryan Gosling Drive
2009 Matthew Modine Weeds: Season 05
2009 Mary-Louise Parker Weeds: Season 05
2009 Elizabeth Perkins Weeds: Season 05
2008 Elizabeth Perkins Weeds: Season 04
2008 Mary-Louise Parker Weeds: Season 04
2008 Matthew Modine Weeds: Season 04
2007 Minnie Driver The Simpsons Movie
2007 Julie Kavner The Simpsons Movie
2007 Tom Hanks The Simpsons Movie
2007 Harry Shearer The Simpsons Movie
2007 Hank Azaria The Simpsons Movie
2007 Joe Mantegna The Simpsons Movie
2007 Dan Castellaneta The Simpsons Movie
2007 Nancy Cartwright The Simpsons Movie
2005 Fred Dalton Thompson Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
2005 Penny Marshall Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
2003 Geoffrey Rush Finding Nemo
2003 Willem Dafoe Finding Nemo
2003 Allison Janney Finding Nemo
2003 Eric Bana Finding Nemo
2003 Andrew Stanton Finding Nemo
2003 Ellen DeGeneres Finding Nemo
2003 Elizabeth Perkins Finding Nemo
2003 Stephen Root Finding Nemo
2003 John Ratzenberger Finding Nemo
2003 Brad Garrett Finding Nemo
2003 David Suchet The In-Laws
2003 Michael Douglas The In-Laws
2003 Candice Bergen The In-Laws
2001 John Goodman My First Mister
2001 Carol Kane My First Mister
2001 Mary Kay Place My First Mister
2001 Leelee Sobieski My First Mister
2001 Michael McKean My First Mister
1999 Rob Reiner The Muse
1999 Sharon Stone The Muse
1999 Lorenzo Lamas The Muse
1999 Martin Scorsese The Muse
1999 Steven Wright The Muse
1999 Jeff Bridges The Muse
1999 James Cameron The Muse
1999 Andie MacDowell The Muse
1999 Cybill Shepherd The Muse
1999 Jennifer Tilly The Muse
1998 Oliver Platt Dr. Dolittle
1998 Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle
1998 Richard Schiff Dr. Dolittle
1998 Garry Shandling Dr. Dolittle
1998 John Leguizamo Dr. Dolittle
1998 Gilbert Gottfried Dr. Dolittle
1998 Ellen DeGeneres Dr. Dolittle
1998 Julie Kavner Dr. Dolittle
1998 Chris Rock Dr. Dolittle
1998 Peter Boyle Dr. Dolittle
1998 Norm MacDonald Dr. Dolittle
1998 Ossie Davis Dr. Dolittle
1998 Jeffrey Tambor Dr. Dolittle
1998 Michael Keaton Out of Sight
1998 Samuel L. Jackson Out of Sight
1998 Catherine Keener Out of Sight
1998 Dennis Farina Out of Sight
1998 Luis Guzman Out of Sight
1998 Jennifer Lopez Out of Sight
1998 Nancy Allen Out of Sight
1998 Viola Davis Out of Sight
1998 Ving Rhames Out of Sight
1998 Steve Zahn Out of Sight
1998 George Clooney Out of Sight
1998 Don Cheadle Out of Sight
1997 James Spader Critical Care
1997 Kyra Sedgwick Critical Care
1997 Jeffrey Wright Critical Care
1997 Anne Bancroft Critical Care
1997 Philip Bosco Critical Care
1997 Edward Herrmann Critical Care
1997 Wallace Shawn Critical Care
1997 Helen Mirren Critical Care
1996 John C. McGinley Mother
1996 Lisa Kudrow Mother
1996 Debbie Reynolds Mother
1996 Rob Morrow Mother
1994 Joely Richardson I'll Do Anything
1994 Rosie O'Donnell I'll Do Anything
1994 Nick Nolte I'll Do Anything
1994 Harry Shearer I'll Do Anything
1994 John D. Schofield I'll Do Anything
1994 Tracey Ullman I'll Do Anything
1994 Anne Heche I'll Do Anything
1994 Woody Harrelson I'll Do Anything
1994 Julie Kavner I'll Do Anything
1994 Jake Busey I'll Do Anything
1994 Ian McKellen I'll Do Anything
1994 Dianne Wiest The Scout
1994 Michael Rapaport The Scout
1994 Lane Smith The Scout
1994 Brendan Fraser The Scout
1991 Meryl Streep Defending Your Life
1991 Shirley MacLaine Defending Your Life
1991 Buck Henry Defending Your Life
1991 Rip Torn Defending Your Life
1991 Lee Grant Defending Your Life
1990 Julie Kavner The Simpsons: Life On The Fast Lane
1990 Dan Castellaneta The Simpsons: Life On The Fast Lane
1990 Nancy Cartwright The Simpsons: Life On The Fast Lane
1987 Robert Prosky Broadcast News
1987 John Cusack Broadcast News
1987 Marc Shaiman Broadcast News
1987 Jack Nicholson Broadcast News
1987 William Hurt Broadcast News
1987 Holly Hunter Broadcast News
1987 Joan Cusack Broadcast News
1987 Lois Chiles Broadcast News
1985 Julie Hagerty Lost in America
1985 Garry Marshall Lost in America
1984 Lynn Stalmaster Unfaithfully Yours
1984 Richard B. Shull Unfaithfully Yours
1984 Dudley Moore Unfaithfully Yours
1984 Art La Fleur Unfaithfully Yours
1984 Nastassja Kinski Unfaithfully Yours
1984 Armand Assante Unfaithfully Yours
1983 Shirley MacLaine Terms of Endearment
1983 Mary Kay Place Terms of Endearment
1983 Danny DeVito Terms of Endearment
1983 John Lithgow Terms of Endearment
1983 Jeff Daniels Terms of Endearment
1983 Debra Winger Terms of Endearment
1983 Jack Nicholson Terms of Endearment
1983 Burgess Meredith Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Donna Dixon Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Scatman Crothers Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Dan Aykroyd Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 John Lithgow Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Vic Morrow Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 John Larroquette Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Patricia Barry Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Bill Mumy Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Kathleen Quinlan Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 William Schallert Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Kevin McCarthy Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Nancy Cartwright Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Murray Matheson Twilight Zone: The Movie
1983 Dick Miller Twilight Zone: The Movie
1981 Jerry Belson Modern Romance
1981 James L. Brooks Modern Romance
1981 Kathryn Harrold Modern Romance
1981 Bruno Kirby Modern Romance
1981 George Kennedy Modern Romance
1980 Craig T. Nelson Private Benjamin
1980 Barbara Barrie Private Benjamin
1980 Alan Oppenheimer Private Benjamin
1980 Robert Webber Private Benjamin
1980 Harry Dean Stanton Private Benjamin
1980 Armand Assante Private Benjamin
1980 Sam Wanamaker Private Benjamin
1980 Mary Kay Place Private Benjamin
1980 Goldie Hawn Private Benjamin
1980 Eileen Brennan Private Benjamin
1980 Sally Kirkland Private Benjamin
1979 Harry Shearer Real Life
1979 James L. Brooks Real Life
1979 David Spielberg Real Life
1979 Charles Grodin Real Life
1976 Harvey Keitel Taxi Driver
1976 Robert De Niro Taxi Driver
1976 Cybill Shepherd Taxi Driver
1976 Jodie Foster Taxi Driver
1976 Peter Boyle Taxi Driver
1976 Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver
1974 W.C. Fields Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Jack Benny Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Milton Berle Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Bob Hope Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Don Adams Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Chico Marx Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Don Rickles Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Harpo Marx Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
1974 Groucho Marx Milton Berle's Mad World of Comedy
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